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Laplink Software Inc / Awful experience

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Unlike the experience of others in this forum, I have had fairly good luck with PCMover 3. This was a pleasant surprise, as I had not purchased a Laplink product since the disastrous original Laplink for Windows. It didn't work and the tech support was less than useless. (Tech support becomes LESS than useless when the customer pays for a long-distance phone call and gets no help.)

So Laplink PCMover 3 works well, at least for me. It is a single-use product, but at the time I bought it one could get a new license (serial number) for $25. That is why I paid full price for the retail version of PCMover with the USB transfer cable. I knew when I needed it again, I could pay a fairly reasonable $25 to move programs with a different computer. (That's reasonable only of one accepts that a single-use software program is reasonable. It's not, but that part was not hidden from the purchaser.)

Now I need to use the program again. Guess what? The $25 fee for a license is now $59.95. This is higher than the cost of a brand-new retail boxed version. How is this justified? What are Laplink's costs associated with issuing a new serial number? How does the cost a set of numbers cranked out by a machine increase 240 percent from $25 to $60? They lured me in with the promise of a $25 license if I needed the program again, then they jacked up the price almost 2-1/2 times for no reason at all - except that they can.

It is cheaper to buy a new retail version on eBay, as low as $23. The whole countryside is going to be covered in Laplink USB transfer cables as EVERYBODY who needs to use the product again has to purchase a full retail boxed version. This is exactly the kind of egregious behavior that leads to what software manufacturers love to call "piracy".

The only thing that would make these people more vile is if we found out that they were getting Federal bailout money, like the banks and investment houses.

By the way, do not fall for the free license and download crap on The Internet. It's just a ploy, possibly to get e-mail addresses. The promotional code has magically expired, and you CANNOT get a free download of Laplink PCMover 3. Why is this still polluting the search engines - at the top of the listings?


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