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Langrock, Sperry & Wool / Sales pitch only!

1 111 S. Pleasant Street PO Drawer 351Middlebury, VT, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (802) 388 6356

I am an American living and working abroad. In 2006 my Dad died and naturally I hired a law firm to represent me during the probate process. In the initial stages of this experience I learned that my Dad had a new testament leaving his entire estate to his second wife and he had a pre-nuptial agreement with his second wife. My Dad's testament did state a 10 % portion of my Grandmother's trust would distribute to me his one and only blood daughter and 10% to my brother his one and only son, thus leaving 80% to his second wife. At first, I was not going in the direction to hire a lawyer for the probate process, or for any litigation/claim on my Dad's estate, however after talking with my brother I agreed to hire Peter Langrock. It made sense because I was living and working in Germany, and because I believed that Peter Langrock's Law Firm was highly respected and he would represent me in my interests.

Unfortunately, my experience proved otherwise. The list of unprofessionalism is short, however one would not expect such from a respectable law firm. Number 1: Peter Langrock turned my claim over to one of his newly hired associates without informing me. Number 2 : No one in Peter Langrock's offices could spell my name or my brother's name correctly, until I specifically informed him that on documents our names were spelled incorrectly/ supporting documents were delayed in the post or lost and some weeks later found, e-mails and phone calls were not answered. Number 3: I signed a settlement for two reasons- a) I did not want to drag all of the law suit out over a long period whereby incurring more costs, and a further separation of family and b) because our claim was so poorly handled due to the lack of knowledge Peter Langrock and his associate's have in the probate process, I did not want to challenge the probate decision on a technicality and move it all into the Vermont Supreme Court and try to win on ALL merits.

Number 4: In my opinion the most unprofessional acts of this law firm- I signed a settlement agreement over a year ago and this agreement PAID Peter Langrock's offices in Full. I HAVE YET TO RECEIVE IN ANY FORM OF COMMUNICATION A RECEIPT FROM PETER LANGROCK'S OFFICES.

I have learned this law firm only appears to be respectable, professional, and organized when hired as one's representation. I will add that my settlement amount/my portion of payment to Peter Langrock could afford a purchase of a new car. I have purchased a car for that amount of money, and was provided better care, better customer service, and the auto house was professional and respected in the community. I thought it prudent to let other people know about my experiences with Langrock Sperry & Wool, LLP and that from beginning to end, Attorney Peter Langrock did nothing more than show me his perfected sales pitch.

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