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Landmark Education / Harrassment

1 Century abndLa Cientga, Los Angeles, CA, United States

I had a horrible experience with this firm. I was told it was like Mindspring or PsiSeminars, but it was not. They claim to want to spread transformation, but it felt more like all they cared about was getting my daughter to go out with them.

I attended an EST seminar (the forerunner of Landmark), a long time ago, and decided to attend another one with my young daughters after my wife passed to help them gain a sense of closure or at the very least give them to the tools to deal with our loss. Unfortuantely, every time I turned around they were being hit on by creepy men. I've never seen so many grown men hit on such young women. They were under a constant barrage to join these horny guys for lunch or get together for study groups or more classes with the same four or five creepy guys. And every time they would hit on my girls, they would say it was to help them share and this and that and how it was good to share with different people, but these "coaches" as they were called, never once shared with other men or women over 35. And when I would approach my kids they would act like I was intruding until they realized I was their father.

It was a truly bizarre experience and then when I complained, the first person I spoke with told me a lot of particpants and coaches date. So I told that person's supervisor that's not why we were there. I was told it was handled, but not one of the men was removed from the coaching staff even though both my daughters complained as well.

I'll never go back to this place as long as it's coed and they don't respect the boundaries of their participants especially when so many other better options are available in a city like Los Angeles.

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