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Landmark Dental / Shoddy work, Shoddy Business

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The owner is now doing business at "Landmark Dental" in West Haven, CT. Everyone who has posted comments about this, I assure you he is still at it. He is doing business under one of his associates names and all of your complaints are true. I wonder how this guy has done this in so many states and is at it again in Connecticut. It's ashame because our Healthcare system, Insurance Companies(private insurance & State Patients), Dental labs, Supply companies, etc etc are all being screwed out of money too. The insurance complanies are being billed inflated prices and being billed for work either not done or unnessary work just so these people can screw the rest of the world and make themselves a dollar. Not to mention all of the good employees that are not in on what these people are doing and these good employees are the ones losing their jobs or being threatened by these people to be terminated if they say anything about whats going on. I pray that some one of authority can put an end to these corrupt people who are just costing all of us good honest hardworking people with much more morale than these supposed to be dentists and shoddy business people who have lied, threatened and ruined part of many people lives. This goes beyond even all of our witnessing and opinions because if this is allowed to keep happening, it just ruins us Americans, our Healthcare, good employees and insurance rates, etc etc.

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  • Ri
      16th of Aug, 2009
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    Not sure "who" is at it again. Coast Dental, Inc based in Tampa Florida owns Coast Dental offices throughout Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, etc., The owners are three brothers: Terek (a veteranarian) Adam (a dentist) and Tim (no title) Diasti. Their last name is REALLY ELDIASTI but when they came to this country they changed it to sound more hispanic than what it actually is... They have other siblings that are now working for them.

    I agree they are a shady group. They also hire dentists that are unable to practice on their own either because of being on probation for some wrong doing in the state or sometimes even in another state. Ocassionally they will hire baby dentists (dentists who are straight out of school but have no experience.)

    They do run a scam with their insurance billing. They have all insurance fee schedules downloaded into their office computers. They also have a "CASH" fee schedule and a UCR (usual and customary rate) fee schedule. Depending on how they want to rip someone off will depend on which fee they use. They offer a dental plan that is suppose to be similar to ADP (American Dental Plan) which is basically a fee for service plan and not an insurance plan per say. They then use the CASH fee schedule to post the charges for the patient's procedure. If the patient then questions why EVEN with their plan, they have to put out $$ for a particular service, they quickly quote you the UCR rate which is ALWAYS higher.

  • Ke
      20th of Jan, 2014
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    I have had numerous work done on my teeth that was recommended but not needed I am continuously having headaches because of this and also the good teeth were removed for recommendations that were not warranted

  • Th
      20th of Jan, 2014
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    yells at his clients and his patients very rude, overbearing and just flat disrespectful etc.just plain awful he was rude to stacy his past employee and current rude to others his employees we are afraid of him he will go to any lenght I do believe, can someone check his criminal background? he appears that he can be violet, has he killed b 4? rape, ? assault? he has a very abusive adamant overaggressive behavior. My no. is 6362091940 we want to start a petition against him a couple of people have notice his rudeness. He treated this lady Stacy rude he treats this lady Freda like c*** at times too Frieda is employed with this man she appears to me and others frightened of this person a bit but doesn't want to ruffle feathers this is my view, she has said nothing I have heard him talk abusive to his staff yell etc. he is very defiant etc. What length will he stop or go to? rude, overbearing and just flat disrespe

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