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Land of the Free / Vote or Veto?

1 United States

Mine is more of a question than a complaint. I just heard that there's someone who would like to pass a law banning the use of cell phones in public. Whatever happened to the "Land of the Free?" The mayor of New York raised the price of cigarettes to $7.50 a pack to discourage people from buying them. Who legalized tobacco all those years ago? The government. He also wants to ban smoking in public places. We can't use cell phones in a moving vehicle, we can't smoke in public places, We can drink in public places, but if we walk home instead of killing someone in a moving vehicle, we get arrested for public intoxication. They say second hand smoke kills, have you noticed the ozone (or lack of) lately? The government allows all of these things to start while collecting the tax money from it, then they tell us we can only use these things in specific places. Don't you think it's about time someone got it together and made up OUR mind?

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