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Lan / Bad service

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I am calling to complain about Lan airlines and their amazing lack of customer concern or service.

I was scheduled to fly out of Lima, Peru on August 29, early morning about 6am. I took a taxi to the airport, running a little late and unfortunately the taxi driver got pulled over for speeding, which further delayed my arrival at the airport.

When i finally got to the Lan check in counter i had exactly ONE HOUR before departure, and they told me the flight was closed to people checking in, that i was too late. Of course i complained and got the shift manager to come over wherein she also said i was too late and refused to let me check in, even with 1 hour before flight time, and the fact i told them my taxi driver was pulled over for speeding which delayed me further.

In any case, i had to get another flight, this time with AVIANCA (i recommend Avianca, they are not great, but much better than Lan!)

Upon returning to the U.S. i emailed Lan and the jerk at Lan simply told me the staff at the airport had the RIGHT to refuse my check in because i did not arrive with 2 hours to spare. So what they are saying is that if you are late they will simply screw you.

Do not use LAN, they are terrible. I would suggest Avianca if you are flying to South America.

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  • Pr
      1st of May, 2009

    They are correct, check in time is 2 hours + prior departure, you arrived late at the airport regarless, dont take it out on them. Next time get to the airport 3 hours + so you wont be denied boarding.

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  • Sa
      24th of Jun, 2009

    LAN is terrible. I missed a flight by a matter of seconds (plane door was open and attached to gate but gate door was just closed) and they knew I had checked in via kiosk but was held up by a VERY unusual delay in security (someone else was getting extra screened). It is an hourly flight from Lima to Cusco, and they refused to let me standby on any later flight and I was forced to purchase another ticket. I suggest Taca or Avianca, but LAN is the 'Wal Mart' of the Lima airport so options are are very limited...
    In addition, the LAN staff (from couter agent to supervisor to shift manager) were very unpleasant to interact with even though I was making great efforts to be polite and explore options.

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  • Ju
      29th of Oct, 2009

    LAN overcharged me for some flights by $200 when I booked on the telephone and absolutly will not accept that they did this. They have used excuse after excuse claiming first that I should have booked on-line to get the price I was quoted. I did but was met with a message saying- website not working call this number. They then tried to tell me that the price I was quoted was only for domestice routes in Peru?!?? The flight was from Chile to Argentina, so where they got this excuse I have no idea. Third excuse was that I should have hit 2 on my telephone keypad rather than 4?!!? The excuses became increasingly bizarre but the upshot was that they would NOT return the $200 they stole from me. I had heard there was a high risk of being robbed in South America but did not expect this to happen with a Oneworld airline. Beware of booking on the phone and if you HAVE to either record the telephone conversation or MAKE them email you a quote BEFORE making the payment or they can just charge what they want and then ignore your complaints afterwards.

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  • Gt
      24th of Dec, 2009

    Lan is HORRIBLE. Even if you have a family emergency, i.e. death, they will not help. They do not understand flexibility. So don't waste your money in an airline that DOES NOT CARE for the CUSTOMER. There are other airlines out there with Great Customer Service, LAN FAILS MISERAABLY!!!


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  • Au
      18th of Jan, 2010
    Lan - Poor Customer Service

    I was due to fly out of Buesnos Aires (on 20 January 2010) directly to Sydney but 1 week before I received an email saying my flight was moved to the 21st January via Santiago and New Zealand, adding many ho9urs of flight time. This meant I would miss my connecting flight to Perth. I had to change it to the 19 th January. This meant I missed an overnight trip with friend to Montevideo on 18/19 and I had to get a hotel room in Sydney as I would have a 12 hour wait for my flight to Perth. I sent a complaint to LAN and some fool replied saying they have the right to change flights and safely if important to our customers. I have no idea what safely and a flight change have to do with eachother.
    Dont use LAN. I had much better and more professional service with TAM and Avianca.

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  • Cr
      30th of Jan, 2010

    I had an accident with Lan. When the plane landed a piece of the ceiling fell on my head and my boyfriend's hand. We were promised to get a copy of the report 3 times during our stay in Lima so I could use it as proof for my insurance in case of any follow up. 2 weeks after we got back to Montreal, a lady from Miami calls me, tries to bribe me and tells me that the reports are internal are confidential. Now they want us to call Lima directly which is impossible because the phone number is ALWAYS busy.
    They are horrible!

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  • Ju
      23rd of Mar, 2010
    Lan - flight price
    Melbourne Metro Area
    Phone: 0420771825

    i am writing to say how disappointed i am at the price lan charged, for me to return home to a funeral for the death of my father... other airlines provide compassionate prices for such a reason... i would not be choosing to fly lan again

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  • To
      1st of Oct, 2010

    I booked a multi-city flight on in September from Atlanta-Beunos Aires-Mendoza and back. My AMEX was charged in full for the trip. The day of the flight, I went looking for the confirmation email and couldn't find it. I made 10 calls to and LAN reservations because they kept pointing me to the other. The transaction was confirmed, but do to an administrative error at I was told no ticket had been issued. They certainly didn't have an issue charging my AMEX. Since no one would issue the ticket I was forced to buy a ticket on Delta airlines to Buenos aires then another ticket from Buenos Aires to Mendoza. Of course last minute this was $900 more expensive. did refund my first purchase, but repeated request to LAN's customer service got me a sorry about "your" problem but you did receive a refund. And that's it. LAN accepts no accountability for their own issues. This lace of customer service will make me avoid using them next time and hopefully this story will make you cautious too.

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  • Jm
      26th of Jan, 2011

    LAN is a horrible airlines to book with. Last minute cancellation offered no refund and no change allowed, despite the information on the ticket which had info on changes, but the last line of the statement negated it all. So Beware! They are not like other airlines where you are charged a fee to rebook and at least realize some of your fare.


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  • Er
      5th of Feb, 2011

    I had the worst experience with LAN ever and I will tell everyone I know NEVER to fly LAN. They overbooked a flight and refused us boarding. They did not compensate us in any way (in fact, they are still trying to charge us $4, 250). Trying to get my $ back has been a complete nightmare, just like their customer service.

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  • Ga
      20th of May, 2012

    LAN rips people off! Just had a death in our family, . Had to cancel our 30th wedding anniversary trip due to my wife needing to be with her family. LAN gives no consideration and basically ripped off $2000 from us even though we were hoping to rebook. They truly means no changes permitted even in the event of death! STRAY AWAY FROM THIS AIRLINE! THEY RIP YOU OFF!

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  • Em
      3rd of Sep, 2012

    my s on was denied to board in Santiago Chile he's U, S resident because he didn't has a notarized letter from me as permit to travel back home to USA were he live with me, LAN Chile book the luggage sent to Brazil its been 5 days nobody can give us any answer to what happen with the luggage, endless calls to customer service no help on top of that they will no refund or grant us with any kind of compensation for luggage or tickets the worst airline ever coming from the them self call the best country and airline company of Latin America ...

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  • Ne
      25th of Jan, 2014

    I booked a lifetime dream vacation to Peru and included my daughter as my interpreter..this flight was to occur in Oct. in Aug. my daughter started experiencing complications with her pregnancy...I had taken out Birkley Insurance so I contacted them stating that I had 2 doctors affidavits advising my daughter not to travel and I wanted to cancel her flight and get a refund or some type of adjustment on $1386.00...Birkley Insurance said they did not view pregnancy as a medical condition REALLY what is it??? So they passed the buck to Priceline ...Priceline did act as my advocate and spoke directly to LAN...who assured me they would review it and that with doctors statements an adjustment would more than likely be issued. All paperwork was faxed and it looked very good...right up until the day we were to depart...then I got an email stating the claim was when I got on the plane the person sitting next to me had purchased my daughter's ticket...2 wks earlier...So LAN resold the ticket for a higher amount AND kept my $1386.00...I have written many emails and I have called LAN about this...the last thing I got was in Spanish and they said to discuss it with I never dealt with daughter is an interpreter like I writing in Spanish is NOT a problem. Now they refuse to answer any correspondence. Flying home on a full flight to LAX a 9hr flight...and ONLY 2 working restrooms on board...awful airline...I will NEVER travel with them again...very dishonest

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  • Fl
      4th of Jun, 2015

    LAN is mediocre at best but as soon as something goes wrong customer service is non existent. I have spent 6 months of mails and calls to LAN looking to get compensation for a delayed flight to Edinburgh from Santiago where we were kept on the plane for 6 hours with no food, drink or medical service offered. LAN has published norms stating what should be done in the event of extended delays BUT these seem to apply only for flights to the US.
    Finally LAN have offered me $US 100 compensation (on a $5000 ticket) for the delay .

    why is it that LAN can ride roughshod over the passengers and still be voted best airline in South America - lack of competition - when compared with Far and Middle east carriers the LAN service is severely lacking and their logo ' The delight of Flying' is one of the biggest misnomers in the industry

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  • Su
      13th of Jan, 2016

    How do i gef travel guard travel insurance to process trip cancelation claim when i cannot ge LAN airlines to give me proof flight was cancelled at stop over in Lima, Peru and could not get us a flight to Satiago, Chile in time to make cruise ship.

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  • Ge
      29th of Jan, 2016

    About a month before my flight from Sydney to Auckland return, I had ordered a special meal by contacting their contact centre like they said on their website. I told them to order a VEGAN meal (i saw that option on their website and knew they had it) and they sent me a new itinerary with the updated info. However on it I noticed it said my ordered meal was VEGE LACTO-OVO (meaning vegetarian with dairy and eggs, which is not vegan at all) so I called again and told them I meant vegan not vegetarian. But they simply told me that they did order vegan, so I just thought that it was a typo or something. On the flight from Sydney to Auckland they gave me a sandwich which had no cheese but it did have a spread that looked like butter (I assumed it was vegan margarine) and their dessert did say it was vegan on the package. I had flown economy on this flight. But on my flight from Auckland back to Sydney when I flew on business, they served me a dish that clearly had scrambled eggs, a tub of dairy yoghurt and dairy milk. I told the crew that I had ordered a vegan meal, and they didn't even know what vegan was. I calmly told them that it was like vegetarian but without dairy and eggs, and they just told me that my meal was the best they had. I ended up leaving more than half of my meal. I am very disappointed as on their website they stated they had vegan options but clearly their staff does not know what vegan even is. The crew were also not nearly as friendly as the other airlines I have been on, and their service was definitely only a 2 or 3 star rating. I will never fly LAN ever again and paying that extra hundred dollars to fly on a better airline like Virgin Australia definitely sounds like the option.

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