Lamtech/ Wilsonart HD Counter Tops / Trouble getting order

1 Ephrata, PA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 800-377-2138

I received poor service with no consideration for the time and money involved with the purchase of my countertops from Lamtech as contracted out by Lowes. I was given a date of when they would be delivered. A week later I was told that it wouldn’t be until December 8th for me to receive my countertops because the caulk was on back order. Then I was told I wouldn’t receive the countertops on time because Lamtech did not order enough material for the backsplashes. HOW DOES A COMPANY THAT DOES NOTHING BUT MAKE COUNTER TOPS FOR A LIVING NOT ORDER ENOUGH MATERIAL !!???? I went ahead and requested my countertop be installed without the backsplashes. They did not show up at Lowes on November 23rd as promised. They showed up at 7:00 AM the next day on the day they were to be installed. Lowes had to rush the delivery to my home because the installer was waiting.

Numerous calls went back and forth trying to get some sort of date for the backsplashes. Lowes was calling Lamtech and then myself to keep me updated. When the backsplashes FINALLY arrived they were brought on a Sunday on a large flat bed truck with a forklift. The backsplashes were the only items on the truck.

Between the phone calls back and forth between the Lowes staff and Lamtech, the phone calls between myself and Lowes. The time spent by Lowes trying to track down my order. The cost of making 2 deliveries to my home. The inconvenience that the installer was put through. The aggravation and stress of wondering if I would ever get my order was completely and totally avoidable had Lamtech done their job in the first place. The way my order was handled was unprofessional. It is no way to run a business.

If I am in Lowes and I see someone getting a countertop I will make sure they ask that Lamtech not be involved and I will tell them my story. I have no complaints with Lowes. Lowes did a great job in trying to resolve this issue. Consumers should not be held hostage by 1 company as I was with Lamtech. I work for a general contractor and if we operated as you did we would be out of business. Totally unacceptable. When I replace my counter top someday I will make sure that Lamtech is not involved. Lamtech is obviously a company that does not care about its customers. I did not receive 1 phone call offering an apology for the mix-up. Instead they left Lowes to do their dirty work. Lamtech DOES NOT deserve to be in business.

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