Lamplight Square sign the Park Apartments / excessive fees and fecal repair service

1 6236 Twin Oaks Dr, Colorado Springs, CO, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 719-594-0314

When I moved in to this facility the apartment complex was aware of my financial constraints and that of being unemployed. The supervisor has even made comments a couple of months ago that she would work with me if the issue was primarily that of timing of receiving unemployment. May 2010 I issued $250 and informed the office that as soon as I received unemployment benefits the completion of rent $420 would be given(withing just a few days of date due). I received my unemployment on the 4th and paid $420 in money order. I go to my apartment and papers are taped to the door. THUS I WAS FORCED TO PAY $144 FINES IN LATE FEES DUE TO THEIR MONEY GRUBBING PRACTICES. WHERE IS THE UNDERSTANDING AND COMPASSION IN THIS TIME OF ECONOMIC PERIL? I KNOW THERE ARE MANY WHO ARE OUT OF WORK, BEEN OUT OF WORK OVER A YEAR, LIKE MYSELF. EVERY ORGANIZATION AND ENTITY IS OUT ONLY FOR THEMSELVES AND THEIR MONEY GRUBBING WALLETS.
On top of that I have gone through 2 floods in this apartment. No repairs to the carpet have been attempted, nor have there been any form of compensation to my suffering of damage to property and time. IF ANYONE IN COLORADO SPRINGS, OR OTHER FUTURE TENANTS ARE LOOKING FOR A QUALITY OR SUITABLE PLACE TO LIVE THAT DOES NOT PLACE ADDITIONAL FINANCIAL STRESS OR PROMOTE HEALTH DESPARITIES DUE TO FECAL BUILDING, GROUNDS, AND UPKEEP DON'T LIVE AT THIS FACILITY.

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