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E Nov 21, 2017 Review updated:

To whom it may concern

I had an appointment for a rooms to go, technician to come out and fix my dining room table chairs where the material on the bottom of each chair is coming loose. The block of time was scheduled for 11am -3pm, on tuesday, november 21, 2017.

I took off work so that I would be home during the scheduled time. At 2pm I call customer service to make sure that I was still on the schedule being that it was only 1 hour left before the block of time would expire. The rep checked and said that I was still on for 11am-3pm and the technician would call if he was running behind.

At 3pm I called customer service again. I informed the rep that the technician was a no-show and I had heard nothing from him as well as my block of time had now ended. She informed me that she would reach out to the tech and let me know the status. I was put on hold for her to check and upon her return to the phone, she said the rep did not give a reason why he was late but, it would be another 45 minutes before he would be able to get to my house.

Now, with saying all of the above, this is interfering with my personal time. I did what was requested of me by your policy and stayed in place to get my service taken care. However, your technician for whatever reason was not courteous enough to even call to let me know his status.

If I had not followed up I would still be waiting. Now, it is 4pm and another hour have gone by and he still has not arrived.

I called back to your customer service to get rescheduled but, I do not want that technician to come out (Was told his name is lamallem) not sure if this is a first or last name.

I wanted this matter taken care of prior to the thanksgiving holidays and this cannot be done now. I have had to reschedule another appointment that I had setup at 5pm because I do not have enough time to make it.

My schedule is busy as well, and I have to work and this was not taken into to consideration. I am deeply upset and disappointed, that this has happened and at such an inconvenience time.

I feel that this is very bad business and I should be compensated somehow for this action.

I would like to hear back from someone reference this matter.


Elizabeth bradley


  •   Nov 22, 2017

    That’s Terrible! This is definitely not something we expect. If you would like to shoot the order info to [protected] I would be happy to look into this for you.

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