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LALIB Co / Fraudulant Charges

1 United States Review updated:

I had 6 charges for $29.99 on an ADP Visa Debit card from this Portugal Company. I have no idea who they are. The charges all took place in January and after contacting my VISA company found out they were reversed. Now I am getting a collection letter from some Credit Collector in Sylvania Ohio stating I owe them $148.46. This company needs to be stopped.

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  • Ny
      2nd of Mar, 2009
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    I too have received a collection letter from a CRB collection agency after my credit card company rreversed these fradualant charges. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau on line in Ohio against this collection agency. I called the collection agency and demanded that they cease and desist all collection matters and would bring the matter to my local DA office.

  • Sc
      3rd of Mar, 2009
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    I have had exactly the same experience. This is a very sophisticated credit scam. Very, very scary.

  • Tr
      9th of Mar, 2009
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    I have just found a charge on my card for $19.99. I too have no idea who they are or even what they sell. We have not used this card in over a year and just paid it off and then the bill comes in with a new charge! I am so aggravated? What became of your collection? TY

  • Po
      3rd of Apr, 2009
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    I also had fraudulaent charges from LALIB on my credit card for $406.30. The credit card company called to verify these and other charges since someone gave our card number to have material sent to an address other than ours. The charges included a donation to United Way (??). We stopped payment and have just received a letter from CRB collection agency and they threatened that our credit rating would be affected. Has anyone made a formal complaint yet with the law inforcement agencies?

  • Ni
      6th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have had the same-exectly experience with this Creditor. I never even heard about them, and than I received a letter from CRB, saying that my account been placed for immediate collection action. and I owe them $215.99 I was not even aware that I had an account with them, and I don't know where they got my Identity. It's got to be stopped.

  • Re
      13th of Apr, 2009
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    I received a charge of 29.99 6 times on my debit card. I called my bank and they reversed the charges. But I just got a collection letter from CRB. I contacted them.. told them this was fraud that someone must have gotten my credit card number. Funny thing is.. they used my husband's name..but my credit card number.. How did that work?
    Next its a Porn site for Live Jasmine. They kept saying well Maybe your son did it.. Maybe your husband did it.. maybe a friend did it.
    I was so upset by the time I got off the phone! I contacted the police and made a formal report. They even set up an email on Yahoo.. under . Anyone can have a yahoo account.
    i have the ip address of the computer used and it is none of mine or any of my family. I hope this stops, and this company is formally charged!

  • Pe
      19th of Apr, 2009
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    I to am currently experiencing the same with CRB. In a letter, they claim I owe 250.00 for a world dating site. The fraudulent charges are for a dating service based out of the UK. I had seen the fraudulent charge on my amx a week or so after the charges and contacted my card company about it. They canceled my card and have an investigation currently open. I contacted CRB and told them the charges were not made by me and that I would not be paying. I told them I wanted the information on the company who sold them the account. I just got the information and its very weak. The site that claims the charge through WDP is not even in existence. The domain is even currently for sale. I really think CRB is either poorly run where they buy fraudulent debt from companies outside of the US (which means they are not accountable under US law) OR they are actually involved in the whole process. Is everyones fraudulent charge through a non-US company?

  • Do
      8th of Jun, 2009
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    I've also found a charge for $69.99 on my cc statement from this company. As i had no idea who they are I posted a comment on their website . The customer service answered me the next day, saying there is an existing membership on some kind of porn site - with my card details. I replied to this email, confirmed that I had never used such service, so they refunded my money accordingly.

    In the end they turned out to be really helpful, I didn't have the impression they want to scam me at all...

  • Mi
      23rd of Nov, 2009
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    Add another to those who have been scammed (or attempted to anyway). I just received one of their "love letters" demanding payment on a debt I did not incur. I also had a CC jacked and luckily the CC company called me and canceled the card before I could get hit even worse. Tried to call but they are closed now and I will try again tomorrow and threaten legal action if they persist!

  • Bl
      16th of Dec, 2009
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    Dear Readers,

    I am glad to inform you that the company you are complaining about is the owner-operator of the service at

    There you can watch puppies undressing and so and give them instructions to follow your pervertedness.

    Incase you are sure you are not "home beaters", and you cannot find a suitably-aged heir in your family, file a suit with your local police office.

    That way, they will be able to get the transaction IP address from the agent.
    Which is, according to my records, as follows: B.V.
    Lottumseweg 43
    5971BV Grubbenvorst

    Or, if the transaction happened elderly, here are the company records for them:

    LALIB Limitada
    Rua Brigadeiro Oudinot
    Edificio Oudinot, 3rd Floor - Room 317
    Funchal, 9060-209
    Phone: +351-291-001010
    Fax: +351-291-001011

    This info will only be needed to help out the police.

    I DO endorse you in filing the request.
    This way you may roll off a probable credit card fraud as well.

    Incase, contact me at mambo[at]

  • Ti
      1st of Mar, 2010
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    I also noticed that as European you buy the credits in Euros there...
    and the performers get 30-35% of that 1, 99 per minute, not much, but ok...
    but then i noticed that the performers get their 30-35% over the 1, 99 DOLLAR spend per minute...

    Now if only spend 30% on the performers, is it so needed to sneaky take an extra 15% average from the performers... they agree onpayment in dollar, but have no choice

    So if for example a european girl works there then she gets payed in dollars, from a european comapany...
    they just do it as extra profit

    So sneaky

  • Ro
      2nd of Mar, 2010
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    I'm also a victim of this scam. They charged me on my Bank Of America debit card a total of $103, but in 4 differents amounts, I was able to dispute them in September'09, but then CRB created a collection in my credit report!... and I thought the scam was over!.. now I have to deal with this dubious law firm which client is, guess who, LABLIB CO, a fricking Portugal company that apparently stole my check card number somehow and invented an email address for me.

    I've just spoke with Shanelle from CRB today (03/02/2010) and she explained to me that this is about a porn site called website I supposedly visited back in August 2009 and that if I want to get this collection off my credit report I have file a police report, which I will definitely do, and that if "her supervisor" gives her the green light, she'll send me a fraud report to present it to the police tomorrow... will see.

  • Az
      8th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    This is very weird, CRB unpaid charges appeared in my credit report. I requested Experian to look on those accounts because I never bought or ordered anything from them. Experian told me that CRB(LOLIB CO) have my ss# and address. How in hell do they have my ss#? I have never ordered something from them.

  • Pe
      12th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    Follow Up from 2009-04-19 Peter: For those who go through the process of getting a police report. When I was contacted my CRB, I told them flat out the claim was false and it was not my responsibility to prove I didn't make the charges, but for them to prove I did. I also told them I will not pay on this fraudulent claim EVER! I signed up for a credit notification service through AMX afterwards and still have not seen any activity from CRB. Thats been over a year...I truely believe they're in on the scam and are waiting for those few who would rather pay the claim than take to time to fight it. Its up to you, but I didn't pay a dime and didn't contact anyone but my CC'd company, who researched it and removed the charges from my account. Best Wishes to You on this frustrating issue.

  • Do
      24th of Sep, 2010
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    i got a call from a lady (forgot the company name) stating that there was a credit fraud investigation going on involving $149.00 in charges made by my bank card, i had disputed it with my bank months before and they credited me the money back, cancelled my card and made there own investigation (this was a major hassle for me) my bank found nothing and the investigation was dropped, now i have this lady calling me and trying to intimidate me by saying this would be reported on my credit report, i do admit to over spending when i turned 18 (credit card) alot of young people do, which damaged my credit.

    now that i am 24 i have been trying really hard to improve my credit, i recently quit my job and found a better one, but it is only substitute work for now until i become permanent in 6 months.

    like i said she was very intimidating and i told her that "they could drop the investigation" in fear of damaging my credit further, and that i would try to pay it by sep 24 (today), she said they would take $100 if i could pay that right then and there, i couldn't because i am paying off my mechanic $1400 for repairing the transmission on my car which is my only mode of transportation, it seems a little fishy. can any one give me some advise on this please?

  • Am
      6th of Oct, 2010
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    If your Credit card/ Bank has done an investigation and ruled in your favor . Make sure to have a copy of the dispute outcome letter in your records. That way if they report it to the credit bureaus you can file a dispute and remove it.

    VERY IMPORTANT TO FILE A REPORT WITH FTC and Ohio Atty gen and your state Atty gen office
    The more people how report these [censor] the more likely some1 will take action. What they are doing is ILLEGAL 100%

    ALSO When you call them make sure YOU RECORD the call. Because during the call they will try to threaten saying thing like they are going to get the police involved and you can you to jail if you dont pay. Which is Illegal and you can sue them For upto $1000

    In the mean time send them a letter like this make sure to put the collection account no and send by Certified mail

    This is the legal way to tell CRB to [censor] off

    Dear Debt Collector/Debt Collector Attorney:

    This will serve as your legal notice under provisions of federal law, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), to cease all communication with me in regard to the debt referenced above.

    If you fail to heed this notice, I will file a formal complaint against you with the Federal Trade Commission who is responsible for enforcement, the States Attorney General office and/or the American Collectors Association or local State Bar Association.

    I have decided that I do not desire to work with a collection agency under any circumstances. I will contact the original creditor to resolve this matter directly, as circumstances warrant.

    You are also notified that should any adverse information be placed against my credit reports as a result of this notice that appropriate actions will be taken. Give this very important matter the attention it deserves.

  • Au
      28th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I am also a victim of this scam. I just found three charges for 29.99 on my account from this company and one for 159.99!! I cancelled my card immediately. I have to wait for the charges to clear and then go to the bank tomorrow morning to refute the charges. I did write this bogus company an email and am waiting for them to respond. Someone else in this post said they went that route and this Lalibco company removed the charges so we'll see what happens with that. What a pain.

  • De
      8th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    I got hit with this scam also. Over $500 of unauthorized charges were made. I'm wondering if paypal isn't somehow involved because I just added that card to paypal, and bam, a week later, here come the charges. Other than that the card has only been used at the same grocery, gas station, local restraunts & walmart it's been used at for the past year.

    I didn't even use the card through paypal, just added it to my account, so I'm wondering if my account, or paypal itself has been compromised. A little bit of additional advice, don't pay ANYTHING towards any of these charges, because in many municipalities, ANY payment (even a penny) made is an admission that the debt is valid. From that point, they can pursue you for the full amount, and from what I've seen, I'm certain they will regardless of what is said. Whatever you do, don't make the mistake of paying ANYTHING to them under ANY circumstance.

  • Xx
      23rd of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    its a popular place for credit card thieves to spend your money.

  • St
      3rd of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    Interestingly enough. LALIB is not just porn and such.
    Many people end up with charges from LALIB due to psychic readings being done fraudulently by a friend or relative using their credit card.
    It doesn't take a reader, to know that psychics can be expensive. LALIB has had a very good customer service and returns policy every time i have worked with them, but it must be disputed early.
    I guess this is why they tell you check your credit and OFTEN. LALIB is not the same as this collection company CRB, which is California recovery bureau.
    Like many US collections agencies they can be ruthless at best. If you have troubles with EITHER a company, like LALIB, or a collection bureau your options are as follows.
    Contact the FTC:
    Ask for the situation to be resolved with the company, Federal Trade Commission, and the Better Business Bureau:
    Sue for resolution

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