Lakshya Level Marketing / Payout not received since one year

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I, D.Sudhakar alongwith 7 others have invested Rs.80, 000 in May, 2009 in Lakshya Level Marketing. So far we have not received anything since one year. Even after one year I hope Lakshya India will not cheat the people. Now we want to get atleast our investment of Rs.80, 000 without profit. As a mediator I am facing problems with the people who deposited the amount with me. I have invested the amount through your consultant Mr. Rajasekhar, Tirupati. I request you to refund our investment of Rs.80, 000 at the earliest.

Name Login Password Amt. deposited
D.Sudhakar [protected] 20000
K.Sarada [protected] 10000
D.Swaroop [protected] 10000
K.Nataraja [protected] 10000
K.L.Prasanna [protected] 10000
D.Prabhu Kumar [protected] 5000
B.Sunitha [protected] 5000
B.V.Muneeswaraiah [protected] 5000
N.Srinivasulu Reddy [protected] 10000

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