Lakeways pomeraiainBad breeder

I would like to warn anyone in buying a pomeraian puppy from this breeder. My puppy had mites really bad, I also got them, a terrible case I might add. It took 3 months to get rid of the mites. I e-mailed the lady I bought her from that evening that the puppy was scratching ALOT but no response. I took puppy to vet next day and they told me she had mites. To make a long story short, breeder would never answer or return numerous phone calls from myself and my husband.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Lebanon, TN I did not want to return puppy or anything else, I only wanted to let her know the puppy had mites. When I couldn't get in touch I figured she knew about the puppy and that 't why she would not respond. Anyway just thought I would post in case someone wants to look there. She also told me the mother of puppy was there but when I got there she told me she didn't have her anymore. I know not to but without seeing mom but fell in love with the puppy. One more thing, I LOVE my puppy and wouldn't take anything for her!


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