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Lakeview Bakery / Terrible customer treatment!

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Completely horrifying experience when trying to place an order for my second extremely overpriced priced cake.

Walked in happy and excited. Left shaking and furious. One of the owners, a male, must have been having a bad day or off his meds. He proceeded to be snide, condescending, sarcastic, arrogant, cocky and chauvinistic. Way too long and too unbelievable for all the details.

When repeated what I said and asked for clarification regarding his hostility and addressed his tone and attitude, he told me he didn't have to listen to complaints or people's ###. P.S. I wasn't complaining about anything other than how absolutely rude and unprofessional his behavior was. He then informed me he didn't have to worry about it because he sells out every week. Constantly talked over me and sneered while doing such. Would not let me finish a sentence. I can only imagine that he is allowed to behave at home this way. His wife and business partner was not there so I didn't have the chance to ask her. Obviously, the majority of his customers are women, because he would have NEVER dared to speak to a man that way.

Rowlett, TX has recently grown by leaps and new business owners walk in to a gold mine and sorry to say some have NO appreciation for their good fortune. I, too, am a business owner and would NEVER, EVER think of behaving that way, but then again I have competition and my clients are professionals.

Don't patronize a business that does not respect nor cherish their customers.

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  • Ho
      18th of Apr, 2007
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    I had a very similar experience with the same person in July 2006. We paid over $75 for my daughter's 2nd birthday cake that was supposed to look like NEMO - whom, I might add didn't even have a tail! I picked up the cake an hour before the party so there wasn't much we could do about it. We did decide to call, not to ask for a refund, but just to let them know that we were disappointed (it was unusual - the other cakes we bought there were awesome). The 'male' owner took the call, screamed at us and basically told us to never come back and to go get a cake from Walmart! My husband and I were totally shocked and outraged. Needless to say, we will not be ordering from there in the future.

  • Aw
      1st of May, 2007
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    I agree 10000000% what the two other post said. He is VERY rude. I have had 2 problems with them. The first time was BEFORE they started the... appointment thing... They told me one price and when I got there they went up by $15.00 then it wasn't even the colors I requested. (lil boy suppose to have strawberry hair NOT BRIGHT ORANGE)Was told well thats all I can do for you. In a firm voice... do you want it or not? What else was I to do? The party was in an hour... I was VERY mad and decide not to order from them again and didnt for about a year. I then decided to give them another try on my other on 1st birthday cake. Things went great! While picking up my sons cake... I spoke to the wife... told her what kind of cake I wanted and the colors to use and would pick up the following Sat for my daughters 3rd birthday... everyone rant and raved about the cake for my son and I had them all waiting in the wind for my daughters telling them you wait it's gonna be beautiful... Went to pick up 1 hour before the party with 3yr old with me. She was excited about getting to see her cake. Walk in told them I was there to pick up cake... he went to several cake orders... went to fridge... then came back at this time my stomach was in knots... he went back and looked at all the orders and the fridge again and then came to me and said... yum when did you place your order? I said last Sat when I was here to pick up my son's cake... He said what do you mean? So I told him when I placed the order for my son I asked questions about my daughters cake... what kind/colors/price and when I picked up the cake I confirmed it all with his wife. He JUMPED down my throat and said well ALL orders have to go thru email. If you didn't em,ail it then it didn't get made. I WAS SHOCKED! There were other customers in there I was like your kidding me. I was so mad I started to daughter was beside me telling me Mommy it's ok. I just couldn't believe it. He then said if you want to order you have to come by an appointment or email. I said sir I did that already when I ordered my sons and confirmed colors when I picked up my son's cake... NOW remember this is on a SAT... his wife was standing behind the counter making a cake when I tried to get her involved since she was the one that took my order she wouldn't so much say a word muchless look at me.

    This is her business as well and she should have spoken up. THEY FLAT OUT SCREWED UP... so let me tell you who the bigger person in all of this was... my 3 yrs old! We DID go to WALMART... always can depend on them... she picked out her cupcake princess cake and was tickled pink... saved me 30 dollars and she made sure she told everyone that the man made my mommy cry cause he didn't make her birthday cake... she TOLD everyone that at her party and for several days later. I know SOOOOOOOO many ppl that dont se them anymore they use others in town. I just wish everyone would complain on here so maybe he will go to HOW TO RUN A BUSINESS SCHOOL! He says they are too busy to worry about these little orders and they are a pain to them. I'm sorry there are more birthdays... holidays... school parties than weddings... if everyone STOPPED ordering form them for Birthdays or school functions... they would go under and that would be a great lesson for THEM to learn.

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