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Lakeside Medical Center - Dr. Joe Morgan / Terminated appointment

1 United States

have been a patient at lakeside medical center with dr joe morgan and now the son dr gary morgan for almost 40 years. i have never seen any other dentists. dr joe morgan treated myself and my family when i was growing up now his son dr gary morgan has taken over much of the practice. i have had extensive work done there in the past couple of months. spending over $2000.00 in procedures. out of pocket and all paid for in advance. i missed an appointment on Nov 18. my fault. i realized it a couple of days after and called to apologize, offer payment for missed visit and reschedule. the man on the phone said there would be no charge as that was only applied when it was a habitual problem and you would be notified. my next appointment was set for Nov 28. i became ill the night before. the next morning i was still to ill to make my 10am appointment so i called around 830am to let them know. on nov 30 i recieved a letter terminating my patient relationship due to the number of missed appointments. they returned the money i had put toward the rest of my procedures and deducted a service fee for missed appointment. i am devastated. in the middle of my procedures the only dentist office i have ever gone to has exiled me for two missed appointments. how could they. a lifetime of loyalty to their practice from myself as well as my family. an large amount of money spent on procedures in the past couple of months and i am tossed aside.i wouldn't have objected to paying missed appointment fees but to not have my procedures finished or given a warning before terminating me as a patient seems so unprofessional and uncaring. i am shocked and devastated. i feel i don't deserve this kind of treatment. i don't think dr joe morgan built this practice on this kind of patient service or there would not have been the kind of loyalty from his patients that his son now benefits from. i was so upset i actually had to sit down and cry. i trusted dr gary and he discarded me as his patient due only to two missed appointments. how could he. i don't know what to ask for or how to ask. i want others to know of this injustice and i hope there is something that can be done to change the way these situations are handled.


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