Lakeside Lodge MuizenbergPoor standards

The place is crawling with ### roaches. The land lady just enters your room withouth notifying you or asking for your permission. Your goods in the room has been moved around and you get rude messages written in your wall in the bathroom if it is not to her standard.

Everywhere in the place she leaves messages of what the people that stay there, apparently are there a few "permanent" guests, must do and not do.

The rental has also been increased with 50% in 9 months time. This we are sure are to cover the costs they incurred to make the place more comfotable for themselves.

The land lady and her husband and dog, which barks every morning at 7 -8 8am, has recentely also moved into the place.

We do not know why this place has even been recommended to us as after seeing what we did we will definately not stay there as it seems to be a hostel. A very expensive hostel.

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