Lakeside Car Salesactual location of vehicles for sale

C Nov 28, 2017

This is a general complaint and not just aimed at the company above. These company's continually post adverts vor vehicles for sale with the location as Inverness. when you go into the advert to view the vehicle as you beleive to to be a vehicle which is local to you it is apparent the vehicle is in Kilmarnock or Dundee which is nowhere near to Inverness. These company's should have to use the proper location of these vehicles to stop wasting people's time when they are looking to buy something local and not hundreds of miles away

  • Updated by Colin Ross · Nov 28, 2017

    This is a general complaint not specifics or only connected to the above company. To many companies are advertising vehicles for sale in a specific geographical area when in reality the vehicles are actually hundreds of miles away from the advertised area. These companies should be forced to say where the vehicle actually is before people waste time looking vehicles are not in the locality they are searching in

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