lake louise condo service


we are a single condo which pays into the lake louise assc, 388.00 per month forgeass.snow removal and garbage. our city says grass cannot be more than 4 inches above grade however they only cut grass when they fel like it. I have 78 pictures with ruler showing gras as much 26INCHES tall. I also have phone records calling to complane, and keep a book with what was said and have some taped records. we also have trees growing in the bushes and have weeds in yard. The company which takes care of yard does a s*** job, never trimming or cleaning after. This is what is called a mouther assc. and we are forced to pay as is all the outher assc. Before you buy a condo in Oak Lawn Il find out if lake louise is the mother assc. and if it is BUY SOMEWHERE ELSE. Aslo they wont plow snow unless its over 4inches and this does not include blowing snow. THey aslo do not clear the walks as my neighbor an I took care of te walks as we have a older lady who we were afraid that she would slip on the ice and fall. Again check BEFORE YOU BUY A CONDO IN OAK LAWN IL AS THEY DO THE MAINTAINANCE FOR SEVERAL CONDOS. And THE CITY OF OAK LAWN WILL NOT ENFORCE THERE OWN CODES.

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