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Lajobejo, LLC / Questionable Business

1 2701 East Osborn AvenuePhoenix, AZ, United States

A person is in New Jersey has filed a lawsuit against "Consolidated Opportunities" along with some other businesses, to include Bankcard Empire. Search "COLUCCI v. BANK OF AMERICA" the case number is 2:2010cv01000 filed February 26, 2010. Go to to view the lawsuit.

ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING coming out of Arizona is a RED FLAG. Hang up the phone, otherwise you might as well take your money and light it on fire. Unless you're lucky enough to have a credit card company that is on your side, great, but if it's one of the big ones, you will probably NEVER see your money again. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give your credit/debit/bank account card number to anyone who CALLS YOU.

I apologize if I sound like I am lecturing, but I have been researching some of the companies listed on the lawsuit for over a year, and I have found out that it is a BIG spider web of Limited Liability Companies, with lawyers owning some of the businesses, with convicted felons on the payroll, and whole families in the thick of it. Millions and millions of dollars are going into their pockets, and new million dollar homes, and my guess is offshore bank accounts.

Contact the Attorney General in your state and ask that a "Cease and Desist" be issued against this company. If you can get that done the company is committing a crime if they contact anyone in your state and offer them a business opportunity, and are then in violation. FACTS are not considered defamatory. Only post the facts on complaints board, and even if you do post the FACTS, you could be in the same place as 9 defendants who are right now fighting against defamation, aiding and abetting, etc. charges in a court of law in Arizona, after posting on the internet. Search "Bankcard Empire lawsuit".

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