Lagostina CutleryRusting silverware

Cutlery was purchased at the local Canadian Tire April 2013 and has a lifetime warranty from rusting and pitting. Since my purchase the product has rusted and pitted and due to the period of time I had to deal with the company directly that advised me I would have to ship all my cutlery to be inspected before they would even consider implementing the warranty. I have sent them photos as proof along with a copy of the original receipt and to date they are adamant on me sending the cutlery. Any person I have spoken with is clear to see this is not logical since shipping is by weight and would cost a fortune not to mention I have a family of 5 and would be without cutlery for who knows how long without any guarantee that they would replace the product. So why should someone by something with warranty if the company doesn't have to follow through.

Lagostina Cutlery

Jan 12, 2015

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