Lafrance Hospitality Company / Handling Food

They simply reuse food that was left on another customers plate, even the food and/or beverages from large functions. They bring over soup to the hotel next door to their facility, that has been mixed from all differents soups people never finished. They have moldy cheese brought over too. As for the drinks, they save any wine left from wedding functions and give it to guests at the hotel (which is not that bad, but still gross). The ower is greedy and saves money NO MATTER what the cost. I have eaten there MANY times, and have gotten sick about 60% of the time! Save your money and eat elsewhere!!! That place should be closed down INDEFINITELY!!! Do not have ANY functions there, they are way too expencive. The owner already had a lawsuit on ripping the hard working staff off. To read more about that issue go to:

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