Ladyscot = Psycho Stalker Moron / LadyScot = One Seriously Demented Loser

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Is there someone who can shut this serial poster/trannie ### up? She makes up her own alternate personality. then complains the other personality is stalking her; she's gone on hundreds of complaints having nothing to do with her and posted really, incredibly, amazingly stupid and condescending responses; she acts like she's an expert on law, morals, ethics and a host of other subjects she clearly has no knowledge of; and she's just a tiring, pedantic, whiny ### who adds a bitter note of self-pity to everything she comments on. I mean, we realize that freedom of speech is a good thing and all, but can't someone infect her computer with a virus and just shut her tired ### up once and for all? Thank you for letting us vent. We've just had so much of he/she/it that it makes us want to puke...all over 'LadyScot'!

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  • Kh
      1st of May, 2010

    actually I have been reading her post for awhile ( from M3C too) and she is pretty sane and nice. Sounds like you may have a personal issue with her? Are you one of the M3C biased board members who keep pissing people off enough to leave the site?

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  • Just ignore this loser ladyscot. I get the feeling that he wrote a letter, you said something to point out his flaws and mistakes, then he created a second account to bash you because he does not have the balls to bash you with his real account.

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