Lady 4 justice / Nightmare attorney

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We, my daughter specifically, were put in the position to have to hire a family practice attorney to handle her very 'sticky' divorce and custody arrangement for her two children, then 5 and 19 months. She did as much research through the internet as possible and finally agreed on the practice of ' lady 4 justice ' who is actually just 1 attorney and her assistant, whovever is available @ the moment, or her son. Mindy L. Hitchcok is the attorney. Just seeing her name in print again makes my mouth go dry, I start having coronary preventricular contractions and my eyes immediately tear up. Mindy Hitchcok is just a synanym for poster child for plastic surgery and/or "Nightmare on Civic Center Drive". WHatever you do if you are seeking an attorney for ANY reason, if you actually want to look good to the judge and/or win your case, or even score some winning points @ trial or anything positive whatsoever, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DOOOOOOOOOOOO NOTTTTTTTTTTTTT HIRE THIS HORRENDOUSLY HORRIFIC EXCUSE FOR AN ATTORNEY. SHE WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE AND YOUR CASE A LIVING, BREATHING, TAKE ON A LIFE OF IT'S OWN FOR THE SOLD PURPOSE OF DESTROYING AND EVIL, HELL!!! I truly can not stress enough to anyone who may be of using her, please, please, do not do it!!!----PLEASE DO NOT----She set my daughter's case back to the dark ages. We had to fire and re-hire someone else, but not before she purposfully gave the judge a terrible, false, character slandering impression of her. Yeah, that's what the opposing council along with her husband and psychotic, malicious parents-in-law were supposed to be doing, which they were in mountains of court motions. So the judge was already 'sick' of the case before it got started. Mindy not only did absolutely NOTHING to show the judge how ludicrous that all was, she VERIFIED it by remaining mute in chambers. SHe wanted to 'stay on the judges good side' so she didn't want to prolong things by arguing! WHAT!?!?!?!? That's exactly what an attorney is there to do is argue the case. OMG! It was such a nightmare I can't even properly express it. All she was concerned with was when we were going to make the next payment. my daughter's dad was paying the bill so Mindy would only communicate with him. She would e=mail, leave phone messages. All to him regarding money and when was he going to be sending more. Over the course of those months that Mindy was our attorney, he paid her in excess of 12, 000.00 dollars. Each pmt made was @ lease 500.00, except for the 1st one, the retainer, which was 2500.00 dollars. Now we can BARELY afford the new attorney because all the money has gone to Mindy. She not only did a bad job, she set my daughter back so far we were worse off than when we started. It was like the in-laws had hired her to be hired by us to sabatage us. She MUST have been on their payroll. It is the only explanation for how bad she made things for my daughter.

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