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Hi i just wanted to know if you'll are a good gym because when me and my family meaning my mom and brother we went to this gym called Bally's and Bally's had people that were out of shape working and we thought that was ignorant because how are they going to tell us that we can start working out they was fat and not in shape i and my mom and brother have a problem with that and i just wanted to know you'll not like that are you'll. Can someone please hit me back.

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  • El
      Feb 21, 2007

    After being taken advantage of by Ladies Workout Express, I have decided to post my experience along with the information I have gathered from others who have had similar experiences. This is what I am going through right now.

    I signed a contract with Ladies Workout Express a few years ago with the clause that if I moved 25 miles away, I would be out of my contract. Fair enough. I went there all the time and enjoyed it. When we moved in September I faxed in the information they needed to cancel my contract. I knew I would have to pay for the month of October because they needed 30 days notice and a $50 cancellation fee. Fair enough. I was having problems getting my actual address to show up because I am in a new area with NOTHING around. I found an intersection that was close, faxed it in with an electric bill and thought we were done. NOT SO! My credit card has been billed from them every month since September. DH does the bills and I didn't catch it until January. My fault for missing it...I'll pay....whatever. I called them AGAIN in January and faxed all the information in. Still...they keep billing me. NOW they have sent me to collections!! WHAT??? I cancelled the contract in September and they want to bill me for January and Februrary? When I called AGAIN today. I was told there was a new company handling the billing. I spent 3 1/2 hours on the phone going back and forth between the companies, just to be told that they would look it over, it would take 30 days and I would still be responsible for February PLUS they needed 30 days notice so I would have to pay March as well!!! I just filed a complaint with the BBB and I am in the process of disputing my credit cards. It is just a real headache. NEVER again will I EVER do business with Ladies Workout Express, Lady Of America or Workout Express. I just wanted to post here so other people are not taken advantage of by them. When I told them that I would post the story on all the websites I visit and tell all my friends what happened, they laughed at me and said it wouldn't matter. Nobody would care. I plan on spreading the word and passing on my experience and the problems others have had.

    I don't want anyone else to have to go through the headaches that I have had to deal with. Please....check out this information and avoid being taken advantage of by this franchise.

    This company goes by the names of:
    Ladies Workout Express
    Lady Of America Franchise
    Workout Express

    Search for Ladies Workout Express on [redacted]:

    /link removed/

    Better Business Bureau:

    Look at all these complaints with the Better Business Bureau. Did you notice the unsatisfactory rating? I wish I had checked this out before signing up with them. The complaints are all over the country.

    Here is another story that I found:

    This one sounds familiar too:

    Please copy and pass on this information to all your family and friends. Hopefully, we can send a message to this corporation that the little guys can make a difference. Thanks!!

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  • Ms
      Nov 27, 2007

    Very difficult company. Bad news with their policies. They will not stop charging even if location was closed. They tell you one thing and then later say read their contract.

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  • Ky
      May 23, 2008

    while in a business like this one need to know that a first trying by an individual shouldn't be a conclusion on a matter like this. I wish to could have ask her how many times has she try the organization? let it not be that because you try once and failed then you run into conclusion that the organization is bad to transact a business with. so iam suggesting that let there be a second trial before concluding how bad the organization is yhank you and bye.

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