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1 4773 Route 9 NorthHowell, NJ, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 732-730-2860

Dear Management:

I am writing this letter to you to express as a customer, how terribly I was treated by your manager ROSEANNE, at the Howell Commons TJ Maxx store in HOWELL, NJ 07731. I came in on WEDNESDAY night (6/18/08), with my daughter Olivia to buy a few items I needed for work. It was late, the store was wrapping up for the night, I was in a rush, and my daughter was cranky and tired. I basically just grabbed a few items that were in my budget and headed to the front to check-out. I immediately knew I didn’t want to go to ROSEANNE, because she looked upset like she didn’t want to be there. She wasn’t smiling and all together did not look at all approachable and all her employees around her looked the same way. So I proceeded to the other line with the young Asian gentleman, but she called the next customer and as I approached her I said “Hello”, but she never responded.
She rung up two out of three of my items and got to my shoes, ripped the back sale tag off and said, “These are not on sale, someone put the wrong tag on, “ it’s easy for other people to just switch the tags.” I reminded her that she should give them to me for the price ADVERTISED; because it was not my fault someone had put the wrong tag on the shoes. Instead of apologizing to me she replied, “Well it’s not MY fault we have to go fixing the shoes all day when people put these wrong tags on them.” Roseanne was just blatantly disrespectful, and did nothing but complain about doing her job in front of a customer.
Roseanne made no attempt to alleviate the situation, she was completely UNPROFESSIONAL, and informed me that she did not have to give me the sale price, I did not have to buy the shoes; and if I was going to be rude that she didn’t have to WAIT ON ME! I replied in disbelief and anger that “it was no way to treat a customer and no way to show your EMPLOYEES how to treat your customers”, Roseanne did not like my comment and proceeded to call me LOW CLASS! And mentioned that I did not know how to DISCIPLINE my daughter! What does my daughter have to do with putting the correct price tag on shoes? Her behavior goes BEYOND being rude; she had no regard for my daughter, for me as a mother, and most of all as a customer in YOUR store. If these are the type of Managers you train to be the FACE of TJ MAXX then you never have to worry about me coming back to your establishment.

The Economy is bad, GAS prices are high, I passed 16 discount stores on the way to TJMAXX, I didn’t have to waste my gas money to come to your store, I could have stayed home and SHOPPED ONLINE! EBAY for goodness sake and avoided the aggravation. YOUR WEBSITE, SPECIFICALLY states the responsibilities of management and what is expected. Did Roseanne read or sign it? Does your company really Review this ANNUALLY?
“WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR COMPANY “CODE OF CONDUCT?” THE PREMISE THAT “MANAGERS + SUPERVISORS ARE EXPECTED TO LEAD BY EXAMPLE, TO FOSTER AN ENVIRONMENT THAT PROMOTES INTEGRITY AND COMPLIANCE. What happened to “Rely on EVERY Associate to make the right Decision? R.E.A.C.H? Roseanne’s employees can’t make the right decision if she isn’t making the right decisions and behaving in an unprofessional manner. ROSEANNE DID NOT LEAD BY EXAMPLE; SHE DID NOT FOLLOW YOUR COMPANY CODE OF CONDUCT. Everyone is allowed to have a bad day, but there was no excuse for the way she handled the situation, and she should be retrained or let go! Thanks to her CONDUCT. YOUR COMPANY JUST LOST A FEW MORE CUSTOMERS! Myself and everyone I tell my experience to.
TJ MAXX: I have worked in the hospitality industry for over six years; I have worked for the biggest hospitality conglomerates on the EAST COAST; Bally’s Casino, The Borgata, and Harrah’s Entertainment in Atlantic City. They are Multi-Billion dollar businesses who train their employees well on customer service. One thing I learned, “IT DOESN’T MATTER IF THE CUSTOMER HAD TEN GREAT EXPERIENCES, ONE BAD EXPERIENCE AND THEY WILL NEVER COME BACK! WHAT COMPANY CAN AFFORD TO LOSE ANY CUSTOMER WHEN PEOPLE HAVE TO DECIDE TO PUT FOOD ON THE TABLE AND GAS IN THEIR CARS, LET ALONE SHOP IN RETAIL STORES! I have a bachelor’s degree in Business, and an MBA, I am professional business woman and I no longer wish to support your company as long as ROSEANNE is in charge of Management. I strongly suggest this situation be addressed. Thanks again for your attention to this matter.


Mrs. P. Jenkins
142 North Oakland Street
Lakewood, NJ 08701

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  • Tj
      18th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    First let's assume, you DID NOT put the sticker on the shoe. Are you that shallow and petty to fight for a shoe... Are you that poor? Do you need this shoe to live? Chill out.
    And if (most likely) YOU DID put that sticker there, then humiliation well deserved.

  • Be
      14th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    I find shoes and other items that sometimes have the wrong price ticket attached, because there are people who do try to get away with paying less for a product. Whenever I find something like this I think wow, great deal, but remember, if its too good to be true it probably is. The stores cannot sell you the item even if someone else switched the ticket because its the incorrect price, and you cannot profit from someone else's crime so to speak. Sometimes you find a bargain, sometimes you don't, but no customer should ever be made to feel uncomfortable, thats just bad and dumb business.

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