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Ladies Premier Fitness / Scam Artists

1 Centerville, OH, United States

***Please watch out before you join this gym! They are definitely scam artists!

My friend *Charlie had won a membership to The Ladies Premier Fitness in Centerville near the Dayton mall, and over the phone, he was told he won 250 dollars and (I do believe) a free membership that extended to my friend *Jessie and I. In person, he had actually won only 200, and the con artist (I can't remember his name, so I'll call him Dave) said Charlie could use the 200 dollars towards the entrance fee of 250 dollars, and Jessie and I could pay the other 25, or all three of us could put in 20. I knew I was going to be moving 500 miles away for college but I figured I could join this gym and cancel, but maybe rejoin at a location nearby my college since Dave had insisted we could cancel whenever we wanted. And Dave said each month we had a locked fee of 25 dollars, but the first month was free. Charlie and I paid in 20 dollars, and Jessie said she was going to do the trial and see if she liked the gym or not before she paid in, so we only paid in 240 and she gave him no bank information for him to withdraw any money. And when we were lead around the gym, Dave kept making flirty passes at me that made me feel very uncomfortable, touching me unnecessarily (not in sexual places, but come on, he didn't need to be touching me at all) and complimenting my body while basically humiliating my friends (they are bigger people) in front of me, especially during our conference with him in regards to what we wanted to work on. And the one time we went to the location in Centerville, I felt very uncomfortable with Dave around, and according to Jessie he was trying to get a glimpse of my back side as I was walking around a corner. Professionalism, people! This gym sent Jessie a bill for 25 dollars, even though we never technically joined, especially her who didn't even pay a cent. I went into cancel today (it's been around a month, and it was before my stunning realization we didn't even completely pay the entrance fee) and the workers told me I could not cancel because there is only a three day gap before you can't cancel, and we are (unknowingly) locked into a three-year contract. So I called National Fitness (who runs Ladies Premier Fitness) and the woman that answered said "There is no way out of a legal contract." and that was about it. There is a lot wrong with that statement legally, but if I went into it then this would be a lot longer of a complaint. We are going in Monday to have a very serious discussion with Dave, this is not a joke and we are not going to simply let this die.

The gym is lovely but these people will say anything to get you join, even if it means to lie to you. Take it from me. I hope this helped!

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