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1 Atlanta, GA, United States
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Phone: 619-788-8087

Ordered hair 10 months ago and paid in full at the time of order, received one that was NOT what I asked for so I sent it back, that was October of 2011, was asked to be patient, so I was a never heard from anyone about the progress of my hair. I kept calling without any response until I talked to Larry and sent receipts from my purchase . I finally talked to Angela and was told that the people that mKe these systems overseas, were on holiday. This was the middle of February and it was ready to be sent out so when they came back from vacation it would go out. Waited and waited and called and sent email messages until she finally called me back on Friday the 30th of March, saying that she had just received it that morning and it would be inspected and she would call me Monday to get my address so that she could send it out to me.Monday came and almost went!! I had to call her about 5:00 in the afternoon or I would not have heard from her. I was told that my hair would be here on Wednesday or Thursday, NO HAIR. Called her Friday morning in which she told me thAt it would be here by 10:00 A.M. And the reason for the delay was that the package had got wet and they couldn't read the zip code. Fed EX brought my package about 11:00 or so, can't remember the exact time, but it was NOT 10:00 and when it got here I asked the driver about the package getting wet and I was told that did not happen. I asked for straight although I received wavy but again, Angela told me that it would straighten beautifully so I thought it would be ok. I arranged to get, y hair put in and after having it sewn in, I started to straighten the hair with my large curling iron. I wanted to keep the body and slightly curl under the ends. To my surprise, the hair straightened and would NOT curl AT ALL. Once the wave was straightened, that was it, it would not curl AT ALL, so I decided that I would just wet it again so that it would retain the wave again, BUT the hair remained straight. SOOOOO...I came to the conclusion that I actually have synthetic hair. I called to talk to a hair professional about why this would happen and was told that human hair would always curl and synthetic hair, once a certain amount of heat it used on it, retains it's current straight nature and would never curl again. This confirmed what I suspected. Called and was told to take it out immediately and send it back or they would deduct wear and tear from the refund that I wanted. I told Angela that I would have to order more hair and set up an appointment with the hair stylist to redo my hair before I could take it out. This conversation did not end up resolved. I am furious because I GOT SCammED by a slick SCAM ARTIST. I should have known better because I read a derogatory complaint against her and questioned her about that before my purchase and she denied the complaint and told me that she has had noting but drama from this woman that complained. I now know why!!! DO NOT GET SCAMMED By this WOMAN and her wed site! AT LEAST YOU HABE BEEN WARNED!!!

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