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La mirada california prejudice and harassing city officials / City of la mirada California violated my state and federal constitutional rights

1 Listed belowLa Mirada, CA, United States

Thank you for contacting the California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA).  The information you provided indicates that this is an issue that falls outside of the Department's regulatory authority. 

We recommend you contact the California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General (AG).  The AG's office establishes and operates projects and programs to protect consumers from fraudulent, unfair, and illegal activities that victimize consumers.  Please contact the AG at the following: 

California Department of Justice 
Office of the Attorney General 
Public Inquiry Unit 
PO Box 944255 
Sacramento, CA  [protected] 
Telephone: [protected] 
Toll Free: [protected] (CA only) 
Web site: 

Please use the following link to file a complaint: 

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----- Forwarded by Sacramentocmc/Comp Mediation/DCANotes on 09/13/2010 03:12 PM -----
09/10/2010 11:48 PM

DCA General Online Complaint #OC-10-[protected]

DCA General Online Complaint: #OC-10-[protected]
Business/Professional Name: city of la mirada california 
License Number: 
Address: 13700 La Mirada Blvd 
City: la mirada 
State: CA 
ZIP Code: 90638 
Phone Number: [protected] 
Person dealt with: 
Email Address: 
Complaint: Message sent to the following recipients:Senator BoxerSenator FeinsteinRepresentative SanchezPresidentMessage text follows: buddy george12016 gladhill avela mirada, CA [protected] September 9, 2010 [recipient address was inserted here] [recipient name was inserted here], please forward to whom it may concern‏9/05/10 Reply â–¼ReplyReply allForwardDeleteJunkMark as unreadMark as readDelete all from senderPrint messageView message sourceShow message historyHide message historyShow detailsHide details buddy georgeTo CNNFrom: buddy george ( Sent: Sun 9/05/10 10:21 PM To: CNN ( hello my name is buddy george please read all a matter that needs looked into is a prejudice city back in 2001 the city of la mirada in california had a parole agent named verimontes that worked public saftey for the city of la mirada and the santa fee springs parole dept on a hear say dui went arount all my neighbors showing first my criminal past then mug shots i filed a 602 with cdc and he got moved for racial profiling and deformation of character then recently the city had contracted with a couple of deputies named morris and tousey these officers went arount to every drug addict coaxing them on what to say in their police reports all saying i sold them drugs they also told everyone i was a kingpin with these false allegations going around the streets i was robbed and kidnapped three times everytime demanding drugs from me everytime not knowing i would live to make it out once was a guy named randy norris another guy that did twice was last name jamie ruvalcaba nick name whetto the burden of a long trial no matter what hakala wasent going to walk out empty handed there was a cell phone on the table when they first came in steve out of la habra who's mom was a commisioner recorded the whole raid were mr hakala demanded staging. A case of sales everyone involved will be questioned the truth will come out I'm completely innocent of any false accusations in this case or any after that parole officer mr verimontez done what he done and was moved because of it we expected this to happen considering he worked public safety as well for the city of la mirada there's evidence were attorneys that worked for Henry salcido out of long beach were retired district attorneys and were over fimilar with narcotics dept telling me they don't care if I was innocent or guilty they want me to take a deal under the condition I move when I got out there's also proof were there was false strikes and false prison. Priors all the way until after the verdict I dident want to appeal the case because I would have been retaliated against there are documented calls were Laurie called the FBI due to so much harassment our federal constitutional rights were violated there's pictures of Henry salcidos attorneys in my case were shaking hands with narcotics in the parking lot of the court house the media is interested because there is so much corruption involved. This is being forwarded to internal affairs FBI police watch dog attorney general state Capitol and legislators congress. And us house of representatives the letter below is were evidence was destroyed 3 to 5 months befor trial another thing that needs looked into is steve cooley the main district attorney for los angeles he is corrupt he is best friends with henry salcido out of long beach ca henry salcido told me i dont care if your innocent or guilty give me $180.000 and sign over the deed to your home im best friends with steve cooley i can make this case disappear and if i dont give him the money i can take a prison deal under the condition i move when i got out we had a fall out because i was innocent and he knew it because there was a cell phone on the table that recorded the whole thing their was also a conflict of interest with these two ex district attorneys working for him theirs pictures of them shaking hands with narcotics in the court house parking lot in norwalk ca superior court the city here is corupt if you or anyone els is interested in this let me know because im filing a $80 million dollar lawsuite against the city this was such a set up case three empty baggies were planted in our home and the detective said he moved the drugs before a presearch video because he had a dog he lies he also used his own lab he got caught lying under oath the district attorney had strikes that were not their and prison priors that were not their all the way even after the verdict this case with this prejudice city needs to be looked into theres wittnesses to everything im saying trust me read the email below this this is evidence destroyed three to five months before the trial please consider theirs tons of more crooked things they did let me know thanks 
Date of Purchase/Incident: [protected] 
Requested Resolution: arrest the people that kidnapped and robbed me behing false information sheriffs morris and tousey were spreading about me pay $80 million for their wrong doings pluss pay back the money that was spent on trial for a case that i was not guilty of and admit there wrongs 
Supporting Documents: Full View Fwd: Fw: Buddy George - VA107160From: joanne alberry View Contact To: LAURIE YTARTE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Laurie, here is the email from the Detective telling the court that all the property was destroyed. Sorry about all of it. Feel free to mail me any payments you can at my office address 4229 Main St Suite 4 Riverside CA 92501 I will let you know when I find an attorney who will take on a governemtn entity. good luck to you and Buddy, Joanne ---------- Forwarded message ----------From: Date: Fri, Sep 25, 2009 at 7:23 AMSubject: Fw: Buddy George - VA107160To: Hi Joanne, Per our conversation, here is the email from Detective Hakala confirming that the evidence was destroyed. I will request that our matter be taken off calendar today. Thanks. ---------------------- Forwarded by Miriam Kang/DAUsers/NLADA on 09/25/2009 07:22 AM --------------------------- To: cc: Subject: RE: Buddy George - VA107160 I contacted our central property and the items seized in the Buddy George case [protected]) were dispoed on 05-29-09. Any other questions just let me know. Eric -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: []Sent: Thu 9/24/2009 2:49 PMTo: Hakala, Eric J.Subject: Buddy George - VA107160 Hi Detective Hakala, Just as a reminder, please email me a letter confirming that the the property booked into evidence for this case has been disposed of and the date of disposal. Thanks so much! Sincerely, Miriam KangDeputy District AttorneyTel: [protected] Sincerely, buddy george5622019126 buddy george sent this message via, which uses the Capwiz·XC system. is a free public service of Capitol Advantage and Knowlegis, LLC. You may access here: 
Previous Complaint: Yesive written to the white house and fbi and conress cnn and other media 
Complainant: george, buddy 
Address: 12016 gladhill ave 
City: la mirada 
State: CA 
ZIP Code: 90638 
Phone Number: [protected] 
Email Address:

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