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LA Marketing Firm / Terrible experience

1 224 E. Olive Ave Ste 300 , Burbank, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 818-955-8675

A friend of mine and I are pissed of how we got paid. My check was as little as $4 for 1 week. Yep thats what you read... $4!!! and on a really good week I made $28.00!!! Isn't that exciting!!! As you can tell I am being sarcastic. They never told me until last min about the structure of pay. You think your getting $500 for the week but its never guaranteed because of this so called cancellation rate. Because my orders didn't go through they took back the money they paid me for 2 weeks prior, therefore there is no guarantee answer of what you will get paid. They didn't tell me about the structure of pay until I saw what my paycheck was.I never signed anything about the structure of pay!!! Nor was there any verbal agreement!! So it was kinda one of those surprises. I am not the only victim. There are a lot of people that got ripped off. I know this one guy who had to sell his mac laptop to pay rent. This is just stupid! I am so outraged with this company. I don't need to post the process of hiring because it has been posted many times before. I'm barely living dollar to dollar. In a lil bit I will have some positive cash flow. I left after a month and a half. They convinced me to stay and said things would work out But man If I didn't have money stocked away I would be homeless. Please ask for the structure of pay!!! It is important. One of the biggest reasons this company has the biggest turn overs in southern California. Why do you think they are always posting on craigslist and Monster there is an ad everyday. They say they have 4 positions open every time, they would take 20 new hires everyday if they could. If you were a victim of this company log into this website and file a report, more reports are coming from former co workers my friend and I are encouraging other former co workers to file a report.

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  • Ch
      1st of Dec, 2008

    I don't get would you expect to get paid if your orders got cancelled?

    The main thing is, if you are lazy and don't want to go out an do your job, you will end up with a $28.00 paycheck.

    The company that state that it is a commission based position and the campaign is designed to make money, "as long as you're out there talking to customer, not hanging out at parking lots or parks.

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  • Wo
      19th of Dec, 2008

    I was a victim !!!
    I was there for account managing position and there is no job under this title!!! all about these guys are fake and inappropriate. They don’t give you any useful information. They are not telling you what exactly they want you to do and then you will understand that you should go and do door to door sale marketing!!! They are giving 4-5 people appointment at the same time, because they want to fool you by the number of people applying for this opportunity.
    Do not listen to their stories and DO NOT drive to Burbank to find a decent job at LA Marketing firm unless you are the that type of person who wish to do so.

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  • It
      17th of Jul, 2009

    You couldn’t pay me to do business with these people. They are misleading in many ways.
    1. The admins act like you are special and say the manager was "impressed with your resume" when the managers don't even look at the resumes and they interview about 20-50 people a day.
    2. They hold off telling you it's %100 commission as long as possible and then tell you you can expect to make way more than anyone actually does.
    3. They say there are benefits but I never knew anyone who had them. Most employees said they weren't offered them or they're too expensive.
    4. They sell people on management opportunities who will clearly never be managers.

    I think all employees should read a blog from a former manager/owner before they work here. It’s #90 on this site:

    Here is a glipmse . . .

    “I just want to be upfront and honest so that those of you who DO have something to lose, don’t realize that you will, until you’re in too deep.”

    “. . . started getting depressed when I saw people lose their houses over a few bad weeks of sales and high work expenses. My promoting owner told me to just keep talking to them and keep their spirit up, even though I knew it was hurting them. I also saw a lot of customers get ripped off and no matter how hard I tried to maintain the integrity in my office, my guys did what they could to get promoted (Many other managers are also aware of this but let it go so they make money, too).”

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  • Ho
      10th of Jul, 2011

    I just wish to share my experience with L.A Marketing in Burbank on Olive st. I initially got hired for a account managment position. The Owner Sean and his 6 roommates who all live with him across the streef from the building are all in it to suck as much time and energy out of you so they may capatilize with out truly compensating you for you effort. I was guarenteed a $500 signing bunes when I was hired. Also my second day I made a sale to a customer for the max optioned for 2 years and this individual named Quest told me to put the sale on his card since I wasent assigned a I.D card yet and that he wold "transfer" the comission to me. After being 15 min late one day my lead Kenny told me that for any reason they could take away the $500 hiring bounes but because Sean and everyone liked me they would still give me the money. I quite becuase of the ridicoulis pay structure and hours and showed up to pick up my final pay check. At first they told me they already put it in the mail but Pete came in accidently during the discusiion and stated he would go grab my check from the back. The check was short the bonus and the sale I made with Quest's (his real name) card. Sean happend to be there I explained that Kenny stated to me despite the fact I came in late I would still be given the bonus. I futher stated I would go to the better business beaura and Sean looked shocked. He endined up writting me a check for the $500 and the $ from the sale with Quest. He also looked at me and said 90% DONT ACTUALLY GET THE hiring signing bounes becasue of various things including late, full dress suite off in any way, not spending 11 hrs a day doing door to door sales and his own person discressin on if he likes you or not. A scam is conceling a fact so its not a scam but instead a huge waste of time. Every one was amazed becuase had I waited to recieve the check in the mail I never would have seen that money. They truly exploit and degrade you in every way you could imagine.

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