LA MarketingUnprofessional and Intentionally Misleading

You couldn’t pay me to do business with these people. They are misleading to their employees in many ways.

1. They hold off telling you it's %100 commission as long as possible and then tell you it’s possible to make way more than any sales rep actually does.

2. They promoted that there are benefits but I never knew anyone who had them. Most employees said they weren't offered them or they're too expensive.

3. They sell people on management opportunities who will clearly never be managers.

4. The admins say the manager was "impressed with your resume" when the managers haven't even look at the resume. They are told to bring in as many applicants as possible and they interview about 20-50 people every day.

5. Not only are employees constantly hitting on co-workers but managers are as well. I was disgusted when I found out a manager in his 30's fcukd and impregnated an employee barely out of high school . . . about 15 feet from where the owner of the company slept. What respectable business puts up with this behavior?

I think all employees should read #90 on this site:

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