La Facial Hair & Nail Salon / Hair Care Service

Why can't people working in the public have a professional and courteous attitude?
When I arrived the owner/stylist began working on my hair. She was very heavy handed as she would jerk my head and pull my hair. I told her she was heavy handed and that I am somewhat tender-headed. She said, "yep I am" and continued. I asked for my ends to be clipped and "long" layers. As she began cutting I noticed her method of cutting my hair like she was getting a bang - all blunt ends. In the past, when my previous stylist cut my hair, he would comb it up in the air and cut with a layering like affect. I looked down and noticed at least 2" of hair on me yet she was concentrated on the back only. I said, "Um..I see a lot of hair, what are you doing?" She said, "Just cutting your layers." I said, "Oh ok." 30 seconds later she stopped, sprayed something on my hair and then applied mousse (even though I had already told her not to style it) and put me under the dryer. After I paid her, I was looking in mirror and running my fingers through my hair and I said, "you could have cut more layers." She said, "yeah well come back one day on your lunch if you still think so." I went to my previous stylist the next day and his assessment was that my ends needed clipping and that there were no layers. It was like she started cutting and then stopped because my hair was heavy at the top and light at the bottom. The next day I called her to tell her what happened and she immediately began shouting and talking over me. She blamed me by saying I wasn't ready for layers because I said something about a lot of hair on me. Even when I tried talking she kept interrupting and blaming me. What ever had to customer service?


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