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LA Boxing / Scam and cheating

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LA Boxing
Do not sign a contract with LA Boxing. In may 2008 they changed all there class times and could no longer attend class but was still using the treadmill. From June to July once to twice a week they would shut down in the middle of the day (1pm to 3pm) unannounced and when they wwere suppost to be open. I called the mgr. several times to complain and he always had a eacuss to why he abruptly closed for a few hours. Such as : went out to eat, ran errands, etc. After 6 weeks of working around there schedule i asked to cancel my membership. Jon said no problem. I called the next day an he said he had taken care of it. my membership had been terminated. I asked if i could have a refund for Julys dues(I pd on july 9th and this was the 10th) he told me no. so i asked if i could use the rest of my month. he told me no again. The first of sept. i received a bill stating i owed for Aug. and Sept. I tried calling ASF but there system was down and told me to call back later. So i called the gym and jon assured me he had taken care of the cancellation but he would check on everything. Now I'm trying to get hold of Jon to make sure that everything had been taken care of but he answer the phone or return my calls and after getting another bill i go to LA Boxing to see whats going on. Jon informs me that 'he didn't know he did not have the authority to terminate anyones membership'. I then filled out a cancellation form and he gave the email and phone # for the general mgr, Vladimir. I emailed and called him/ left messages for him everyday for 2weeks. I finally got a hold of him and told him the situation and that i want to cancel the membership. He told me things had changed and they were now following the schedule and he wanted to meet with me. i showed up for the meeting at the gym but he did not. I called to see what was going on and he wanted me to wait another 30 min. i informed him i was on my lunch break and need to get back to work. he said he would call to reschedule but never did. since then they will not return my calls and ASF told me that the gym were i signed up at is the only place to terminate my membership. It is now 6 mo later and i am taking them to small claims court. WARNING NEVER SIGN A CONTRACT TO LA BOXING, they will screw you!!!


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N  18th of Dec, 2008 by 
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We paid for a an upfront year membership-----BAD IDEA. The Training was horrible. We wanted a refund for the services paid up front for and we had ti fight for months to get it back. How could they even feel comfortable charging us for a service we didn't even care to use. We called corporate to speak to the owner and this guy was a major jerk. All he did is gloat about his accomplishments as a USC alumni... WHAT A JACK ###. He promised us a refund but took months for it to happen. Bottom line STAY AWAY from La Boxing.
N  27th of Dec, 2008 by 
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My husband and I have been members of LABoxing for about a year and a half. Last December (2007) we arrived one day to find a sign on the door stating the gym would be closed for one month due to change in management. We were quite upset since LABoxing failed to mention this the day before closing. No one was notified. We figured it was the unethical practice of the particular owner so we waited out the month and let it slide. Today (December 2008) we show up at the Secaucus gym and the place is completely empty, gutted out and a sign on the door stating the gym is closed. Again staff and owners failed to notify of the closing and simply stated memeberships are being transferred to another location. If this is a corporate policy not to notify members it is giving the name LABoxing a very bad reputation. What makes it worse is that members were signed up the week before and I'm sure this gym knew far in advance that they were closing. This is completely unethical and I will continue to pass on the good word to stay away from LABoxing. We understand that times are tough but LABoxing policy needs to change and clients must be given ample notice and the right to cancel. On calling the new gym where our membership was transfered, the owner very curtly stated, " You must give 30 days notice before you cancel and you must do it with corporate." On reading blogs about the corporate practice of cancelling memberships--they are slow to react and take months to refund your money. With practices like this it is no surprise that LABoxing is doing so poorly. Members experiencing this should hastily take a picture of the sign stating the closure to provide evidence if trying to get your money back.
N  2nd of Feb, 2009 by 
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After 3 months of calling, faxing and mailing my cancelation they are still sending me bills stating they can not cancel until I pay for the months that I was "suppose" to be cancelled???
A  14th of Apr, 2009 by 
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This happened to me with Valdimer but my situation is even more shady than this!!!
N  14th of Apr, 2009 by 
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My membership was cancelled. I gave proof and paid $50.00 for the cancellation fee. My account was not charged for 9 months. Then started being charged again on the 10th month. When I called ASF they said a new account was opened in my name for three years and that the original account had been cancelled. They where unable to get a contract from Valdimer. He kept sending them the cancelled contract. Valdimer Lerner is a theif!!! Do not join his gym. I contacted an attorney and the police. Valdimer is trying to collect more than my contract is worth. So now this is going to be on my credit.

He stinks and so does his gym!!
N  7th of Jan, 2010 by 
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Has anyone reported LA Boxing to the Better Business Bureau? I think it's about time.
A  19th of Jan, 2010 by 
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I signed up for a year and honored the contract for the year even though I could not attend for the ladder half of my contract because my wrists suffered injuries due to poor training. I got my January credit card statement and I show they charged me when my contract was up. I signed a year contract, however they are sneaky they make you initial everywhere on the contract, and one of the initial paragraphs Bob claims that its authorization for a role over. That is BS, when I signed up I clearly stated I wanted a year contract with no role over they are miss leading with their quick talk. I wish I would have googled them before I signed a contract with them. This is bad business and I hope they get what they deserve. I will contact the BBB to file a complaint.

I will also spread the word on Face book and twitter. They should know better than to cheat customers this day and age with the quick spread of information available to consumers.

A  6th of Feb, 2010 by 
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I cannot belive this kind of company can operate inUSA without a sue. I have exactly the same problem. I'm not able to cancel, this ASF payment company (with few information on its web) appears not to have comunication with LA BOXING (but are very efficient colleting payment that do not correspond).
I 've even paid a complete year for nothing just to honor my contract and they are still charging my credit card the the 2nd year!!! It is a pain!! trying to deal with them. I'll file a complain
N  14th of Sep, 2010 by 
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Happened to me as well, I had to pay off all of my contract without ever stepping into a club in over 6 months. I will never go to LA BOXING EVER AGAIN!!! and hope it goes bankrupt soon.
A  26th of Aug, 2012 by 
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Did you win in the small claims court?
A  26th of Aug, 2012 by 
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I am having problems with LA boxing right now, I am wondering if you won the small claims court case?
A  11th of May, 2013 by 
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Three words for you guys: Title Boxing Club. You will never get this type of experience. There is no reason people should be treated in this manner. A contract works both ways and shouldn't be used to just make money. If you sign up for a service and it falls short, then why should you have to be "fined" for not being happy and wanting out.
A  23rd of May, 2013 by 
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I want to say that the LA Boxing I went to in Northwest IN never had any air-conditioning or heat on. Talk about no consideration for the customers. I spoke to the owners and they said they told the staff not to do anything to the thermostat. I told them several times about this problem, and they could care less. Thank goodness my contract was almost up. I'd never go back to this business. They are risking people's lives. In addition, they forgot to bill me for several months. Another thing, I know many people who have been injured during the class. It's a very intense workout and they make you sign a waiver so you can't do anything about your aches and pains. Don't join this club or you'll regret it.

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