La bellierchopped haircut and unprofessional treatment

I went to this shop based upon an assurance that I would receive professional services. I went to a stylist Barbara and told her I wanted a hair cut exactly like another persons in the shop that was present, and also done by Barbara. I also told the stylist that I did not want to loose any length off my hair. The stylist proceeded to ignore my instructions and cut off 5 to 6 inches off of my hair in places and left it uneven and chopped up. There is no excuse for this as she knew exactly what I wanted. This was brought to the attention of the owner Karen Lettlleier. The owner became defensive and rude. I showed my haircut to several other stylists and the agreed that it was chopped up and cut too short. I have filed a complaint to the Florida Professional Regulations Board, Chamber of Commerce and the BBB. I have suffered tremendously because of this situation. My hair had to be fixed by a real professional and will take over two years to grow back out. These situations are far too common and punishment is lacking from most regulation boards. Attorneys are apprehensive to sue because it is only hair. Please complain if you have anything like this to talk about.

Feb 19, 2015

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