L505D-S5986 / Worst customer service ever

1 United States

Toshiba has the worst customer service of any computer company. Their laptops are flimsy and easily broken plus come with an inferior operating system. I purchased an L505D-S5986 from The unit comes with a 64 bit duo processor but only the 32 bit version of Windows 7. I figured Toshiba would offer an upgrade at some point but I was wrong. A rude customer service rep told me I had to buy the full version of Windows 7 retail to get a 64 bit version on my laptop. Since it already has a legal license for Windows 7 on it, I figured Toshiba would offer a discounted upgrade to 64 bit but no. The rep told me I should have realized what I was buying and too bad. So I am mostly posting this to warn others to beware and make sure you get what you want from the start because Toshiba doews not care once they have your money. Also black spots showed up on the laptop screen. They would not fix it under warranty stating that is must have been abused. There is not a scratch on it and it is always kept in a carry bag. If it is damaged from carrying it around then it is a piece of crap. I have since purchased a Gateway. A LOT better value for the money.


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