L Diamond RNew vehicles

I do not like all the electronics in cars today, there are to many failures and to much costs with computers, many businesses are looking for just plain vehicles, you know if your old enough like hand crank windows and just sealed beam headlights, more old school and reliable, also cars that don't look like kabooki shrines, I myself will not buy a new car because it is bad enough to fix just a regular mechanical repair but at least you can do it yourself, but with these new vehicles with evermore failing electronics, you added tremendous $$$$$$ in added repairs along with cheaply built plastic that does not stand the test of time, as a farm I can operate a hell of a lot better with old or antique equipment and vehicles that I can fix myself, if you people really want to change for the better then look behind you See Top 10 Worst Companies in Grantsville, UT. You once built really good And real American products thx fer listening Greg Lund [protected]

May 03, 2017

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