L and Z Automotive / Fraud and illegal towing and car repairs

1 596 East Main St., New Britain, CT, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 860-356-0096

On 3/20/12, I parked in the proper legal parking space. When I arrived at my car, it was gone. One of the merchants came out and told me that a L and Z Automotive tow truck had moved my car to a no parking space than towed it away. He also stated that L and Z, and RMDC tow trucks are the same company and also have been doing this to a lot of people. When I contacted L and Z, I spoke to one of the owners, Dave Camacho, he was very rude and belligerent, he stated that when my car arrived to their yard it had several mechanical failures and repairs to made and he would not allow me to drive my car on the road without having him repair it. I called back and spoke to another owner that illegally towed my car, Malik Desade, his birth name was Kennie Ouellette. He talked the same to me as Dave. They both demanded that they could and would not allow me to drive my car from out of their garage bay with out having them fix all of the car repairs. I contacted my attorney and we are in the process of suing those two companies. As we dug into RMDC and L and Z we found that Dave Camacho and Malik Desade had been in prison for different major crimes, steming from child porn, child sex crimes, major drug dealing, motel robbery and bank robbery. They bought L and Z to changed their company name from RMDC to L and Z. They moved from 475 John Downey Dr New Britain to 596 East Main St New Britain due to this type of illegal acts, complaints and law suites.

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