Kyle Duncan, Lead Tower Corporation / Kyle Duncan and got my website banned from Google. Years of hard work down the toilet.

1 Huntington Beach, CA, United States
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This company is based in Huntington Beach, California. They've also opened an office in Las Vegas due to many telemarketing scam artists that are attracted to this kind of sales.
One of our business partners in California was contacted by Kyle Duncan from the Lead Tower Corporation office in Las Vegas. He tried to convince them that their website needed some kind of diagnostic report the cost over $900 and could show them what is needed to improve the website. Our friends did the right thing and declined the offer and had called us and explained the high pressure sales pitch he got. They also got my website Banned by Google. I was scared and did not have a lot of money and refrained until I learned about the wonderful website of and how they protect the complainant. Please stay away from and the Search Engine Optimization scams of Kyle Duncan

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