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kwick-fit / poor service

1 Newton Abbot, England, Devon, United Kingdom

On Aunday 31st January whilst on holiday in Devon I had the missfortune to brake down with a broken exhust.
My recovery service took me to Kwick-fit in Newton Abbot, I was told by the Manager that this was a common fault on my type of car. I was then told that they did not have any of the parts needed, but could get them for mid morning the next day ( by 10.45 ) this ment I had lost the first day of my holiday.
Iwas also told I could drive my car with only half an exhust back to my hotel 4 miles away.

At 11 30 next day (Monday 1 Feb ) I called Kwick-fit to be told that the parts had not arrived but were on the way, and to call back at about 12.30.

At 12.30 I called again and was given the same storey.(The second day of my holiday was now ebbing away slowly.) I was told to call back at 13.30.

AT 13.30 I called back and was told by the manager that he still did not have the parts.I then said I would call my recovery service and have the car taken to a garage that could do the work as agreed.He then said he had just been told the parts would be with him in 20 minets and should drive to the center.

I drove to the center arriving at about 13.55 I was greeted by the manager and told the parts were due any second and to take a seat in the waiting room.(The waiting room well thats another story, lets just i've seen cleaner dustbins)

My car placed on the ramp and what remained of the old exhust removed, ( I was now trapped no transport till it was fixed)

After many stories as to wher the parts were, The front half arrived at 16.10 when someone was sent by car to fetch the back half from some where else. That part arrived at 17.15 and my car was ready by 18.00. Four hours after I had arrived at the center and a day after it should have been fixed.

While i was waiting I meet a lady who had the same trouble and the same storey of waiting for parts.

I was very supprised that Kwick-fit get their exhust systems from local car factor suppliers, in my case Uni-part.By the way the uni-part depot is about half a mile away from this Kwick-fie center.

when Ireturned to my hotel I e-mailed a complaint to Kwick-fit customer services stating that I was very unhappy and that I had lost more than a day of my holiday due to their ### ups.

No one fromkwick-fit contacted me, but when I returned home I found a short letter saying as agreed please find enclosed a voucher for £20 to be used at Kwick-fit.

Kwick-fit's new slogan should you can't get worse than a Kwick -fit fitter.

J H Bevans

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