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Kudos Kattery / read before puechasing better to be safe then sorry

1 Kingston On, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

From: Kudos Himalayans (
Sent: March 26, 2009 6:59:34 PM
To: dan7439 dan7439 (

Lee & Dan

You are not entitled to registration papers on the kittens.

You contacted me from a Kijiji ad where the kittens were not advertised as purebred or registered for which I have saved the proof of this contact. Oh yes rest assured I have saved proof of EVERYTHING. YO DON;T EVEN HAVE A WRITTEN CONTRACT OR HEALTH GUARANTEE

The only reason you know of my old cattery name and website is due to the fact that the link was in one of my emails in which I sent photos of the kittens to you in for which I have saved as well.

EVEN IF YOU Had you contacted me through the website you would have paid FULL PRICE for both kittens, had a signed contract with health guarantee which by the way is for death due to genetic faults only and is a replacement only in any event and not minor nuisances. You would have had to have the kittens checked by a vet within 72 hours of receipt to activate that healh guarantee or NO LATER THAN TUESDAY OCT 7th AT NOON, which you failed to do. YOu would have also had the standard requirement to have the kittens spayed/neutered within 3 months of getting the kittens and had to have sent proof of such within 10 days of that date in order to qulaify for papers, The date you rec'd the kittens was Saturday Oct 4th at noon so procedure would have had to been completed NO LATER than January 7th and provide me with proof of such no later than January 17th for which you failed to comply with as well. I suggest you re-read the link on the website as to requirements/health guarnatees the like which applied only to kittens that were purchased from that website and certainly not to ones purchased though a Kijiji ad! Do also make note of the cats/kittens placed at reduced cost not qualifying for registration papers or a health guarantee of any sort that is also clearly stated on that page!

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  • Ca
      24th of Nov, 2009
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    I had the same problem with kudoscats... I heard about the cats on the kijiji ad, however in my case she told me verbally that I would get registration papers for the 2 cats purchased upon proof of neuter. The appointment for neuter was made before I even pick the cats up from Jackie Jefferies. So the time frame was not the issue, the issue was SHE LIED to me!!! I never got my registration papers from her, all I got was cursing and swearing. When I picked the cats up they stank and were covered in poop. I felt so bad for the poor things I just wanted to get them away from her care, or lack thereof. I was not allowed to pick the cats up from where the cats lived, I had to pick them up in a car pool lane. She would not tell me where she lived nor would she let me see the conditions she was raising her cats in. One of these cats died weeks after taking him home. The vet proved that he died of something genetic, but Jacki Jefferies of just told me my vet was incompetent. The surviving cat has already had 2 surgeries due to genetic caused illnesses.

  • Ju
      13th of Jul, 2010
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    I had a problem with this lady too!
    I purchased a kitten from her about 6 years ago, he had ringworm and a severe feline cold when we got him. Many of her cats were suffering from the ringworm also. I actually picked him up from her house and it was FLITHY. Disgusting. The mothers were kept in very unsanitary cages in the kitchen. There were way too many cats for the small household she had.
    Honestly, I'm surprise this lady even still has a business. She should be ashamed of herself.

  • Pa
      11th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    i paid top dollar off of her web site in 2008 and still do not have papers or health . i contacted and emailed all of her mail to me refusing me of my papers to her feline membership and they stated they are not responsible for the papers or her reputation.. they take her fee's however. this jackie jeffries is a rip off she should be charged with fraud and theft. i emailed the rcmp in kingston and no responces to this day, but my vet fee's are now over $3000 on the 3 i bought at web site prices. i'm not giving up on this she needs to be in jail and a class action suit against her. to all of you victims out there email w5, rcmp, canadian vet assc. humane society and my next one will be the ministers office. i will be reimbursed even if i have to put leins on her house. by the way I DO HAVE HER CAT MILL ADDRESS. pam

  • Go
      27th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    Those who are upset and sure the breeder should be punished - why did not you contact OSCP? If she violates animals rights - they would help to stop her.

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