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I traveled on 6th February 2010 from Manchester to Dubai on Emirates flight EK18 and arrived in Dubai on my way to Sri Lanka.(Ticket # EK 904598).
I was in transit & scheduled to board EK 650 to fly from Dubai to Sri Lanka. and was requested at the security check point to strip all personal metal objects and place on the belt go through security. However, since an alarm rang while I was passing through security, it was detected I had not removed the wristwatch. Therefore, I had to return and remove it and place the watch also on the belt and proceed to walk through the security barrier again. Although I collected my other belongings after passing the check point, I entirely forgot to collect the wrist watch placed later in the rush and only later discovered it was missing while on board the flight to Sri Lanka. I made a formal complaint to the staff on duty about the loss and they informed that my complaint would be relayed to the authorities at the Dubai airport.
The lost wrist watch is a valuable’LONGINES’ Model / Ref No: L 4.709.2.11.2. Case No: [protected] and its value is US$ 920/-. It has a Crocodile skin strap.
I would be much obliged and sincerely thankful if you kindly provide assistance to recover the lost watch and return it to me.

Yours sincerely,
K.S.P. Witharanage

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