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A few years ago I purchased a Krups ORCHESTRO totally automatic espresso/coffee maker. (800+$) After some initial problems with the device, the machine has provided good service. However I received an email, from Krups, that the device was being recalled due to a problem with the electrical system and corrosion. I followed the procedure and sent in the unit as per Krups instructions. It was received by your repair center on October 14th 2009.

After one month I received a call from “Turnpike appliance” saying they would need $80 to diagnose the problem and then more to fix it. I explained that the unit did not need fixing but was sent in under recall. The agent explained that, “if the tech were to find something wrong you (I) would have to pay for it.” I explained that the unit worked perfectly when I sent it in and they should just do the recall work.
Two weeks later I received a second call from the repair center saying they has “found a problem” and repeating that they would NOW need $80 to diagnose the problem and then more to fix it. I again explained that the device was fine when it left my house, how could it have developed a leak? She told me that I had to agree or that they would return it broken.

I contacted Krups about this. They told me they would check with the repair center and get back to me. Two weeks later I called again. They explained that the repair center needed a fee to “fix” my “broken” ORCHESTRA. I explained that the device was not broken when it left my house. The staff said they would get back to me.

One day later a representative from Krups customer service called me and told me that “Krups would pay for fixing my broken ORCHESTRO” and it would be returned to me within the week. This was in the second week of December 2009. I have heard nothing from anyone since that time.

I still do not have my ORCHESTRO back more than 5 months(!) after I sent it in for a recall.

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