Kronoz LLC(MyKronoz) / ZeBracelet2defective product, it broke (next to the joint) the moment I tried to wear it

I am a lawyer practicing in Greece and internationally. My sister, Dr.Sc TUWIEN, MSc, Dipl. Architect Engineer, Angeliki Fotiadou, on January 7th, 2015 purchased two MyKronoz items from MediaMarkt (MEDIA SATURN HELLAS S.A.) in Thessaloniki (at 341, Langada St., GR 56430, Greece). On January 8th she offered me as gift one of the aforementioned smart watches she bought and more specifically MYKRONOZ KRZEBRACELET 2 B.

Original invoices – warranties are at your disposal for your perusal.

After completion of setup of the watch on Friday, January 9, in front of my sister and some other friends, willing to bear witness for the complaint, when I tried the bracelet to my disappointment it broke right next to the joint point, obviously due to defect.

The next working day I went with my sister to the aforementioned store (MEDIA MARKT) to inquire about substitution. I was even more disappointed by the indifference of the staff and the manager. At first there was an employee, who informed us that he had to consult his “boss”. He then informed the manager of the store, namely Mr. Perikles Tsakalides, over the phone. The employee also said that the incident was a first and directly insinuated that I was very negligent etc. The comments were indeed infuriating given what really happened and in front of witnesses; nevertheless we waited for the manager’s reply. Unfortunately the latter would not come, he just replied over the phone that the watch should be sent to Athens for inspection and autopsy and then someday we are supposed to get a reply. Generally we were left with the impression that they would not provide substitution and that it would take a great deal of time for their “official” reply. In fact they advised us that such a procedure is quite time-consuming.

Doubting about the procedure described I sent email to Kronoz LLC describing the above before resorting to a professional expert to get an autopsy and expert opinion as ultimum refugium, in an attempt to friendly solve the problem without litigation. At first Kronoz LLC replied "we are not responsiblz!!!". I sent a second email in which they replied with generalities - quoting: "

Audrey MyKronoz (MyKronoz)
Jan 19, 12:30
Hello If,
Firstly, we apologize for the previous answer due to a computer bug. As we said, we are not responsible for the attitude of our brand retailers. But we deplore you have not had an adequate response to your problem. In order to help you we contacted our Greek distributor so that contact Media Markt. So we are following your case and will keep you informed of the next steps to follow.
We wish you a Happy connected Year with MyKronoz.
Hope we help,
MyKronoz Team"

Then I sent third email asking for more information about their "contact" and follow-up of my case. No reply ever came. I resent the same email twice and still no reply.

Please find attached the purchase receipt and pictures of the broken item and of the brand new intact package.

Thank you in advance.


Ioanna Fotiadou

Kronoz LLC(MyKronoz) / ZeBracelet2
Kronoz LLC(MyKronoz) / ZeBracelet2
Kronoz LLC(MyKronoz) / ZeBracelet2
Kronoz LLC(MyKronoz) / ZeBracelet2
Kronoz LLC(MyKronoz) / ZeBracelet2

Jan 22, 2015

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