Kroger Private Selection Basil Pesto / mislabeling, deceptive & baloney at it's best

Savannah Ga, United States

This product in the 10 oz. Size mimics other products that offer genuine basil pesto mixed with garlic olive oil, cheese in a traditional italian way but krogers version is primarily spinach, dark and smelly. A hint of basil, I guess, but just about non - existent spinach is much cheaper of course tha fresh basil so this is the obvious reason.

Labeling goes on to say "made from an authentic receipe with basil, rich cheeses, and garlic". Baloney! No mention that they did not use olive oil (The only way it could even be close to authentic) they used canola oil. Cheapie, cheapie.
Labeling say zero cholesterol. How possible with"rich cheese, oil, milk"!

Shame on krogers for offering this type of product in such a fraudulent manner.

Jan 5, 2015

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