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My name is Andi Tjandra with my Kriflyer # :808.050.5045 and my wife name is Gustina SUgiri with her
Krisflyer# : 808.050.5104
On week of Jun 22’09 we were trying to book our flight from Jakarta to Hongkong through the internet and want to use our Krisflyer point. But somehow we can not get into our account. So on Jun 29’09 we went to your office in Jakarta and met with Hastuti. She tried to help us to find out what is the real problem . She found out that our email was detected in Krisflyer system not valid and she also told us that many point has expired which is under my wife account. She gave me a number to call to in Singapore to settle for this because she can not do anything.

The next day, I call 65-[protected] And spoke to Nursi, ext 3067 And she asked me if my email is still active . I have 2 email registered in Krisflyer system and both of them are 100% active because I use and open them every day.
I asked her, why my email was detected in valid while I use it everyday. She told me that back in Jan 2007 the email that being sent to my email was bounced back and the system read that as an invalid email . Since that, my account has been some how lock by Krisflyer system which result of my wife 26.000 points being expired in early 2008.

In view of this situation, all the problem start when the Krisflyer system read a “bounce back” email as an invalid email
This phenomena is happening everyday for some reason or another with e mail and can not be categorized as an invalid email.

Therefore, I would like you to restore my point and do something with this situation . You can not put all the responsibility on us . I want you to be honest if you were in my situation and be fair.
As you know collecting Krisflyer point we have to pay higher class in order to get point and now all the sudden just “gone” because of the “invalid email” error.

As per this morning, the Krisflyer officer has rejected this request with no further reason. THese appeal has been made at least 3 times
I can be reach at [protected]


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      Jun 14, 2010

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      Nov 24, 2011

    To whom it may concern,

    I am Sheryl Segovia business class passenger of the flight SQ 912 from SIngapore to Manila November 19, 2011 at 12:25 in the afternoon arrived Manila at 3:45 pm Nov 19, 2011. I am a frequent flyer elite member ID [protected]. My concern is: before the flight landed one of the flight attendants took my Ipad 2 from me and stowed it, but I forgot to take it back before going out of the airplane and nobody gives it back to me too. I want to know how I can collect it and where and when? I hope as a frequent flyer and loyal client of Singapore airlines I would get a positive result of this matter.

    I would appreciate so much if you will take action of my concern because I badly need to use my Ipad immediately.

    Please call me in this numbers: +[protected] or +[protected]

    Thank you,
    Sheryl Segovia

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