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1 15610 Jefferson Davis Hwy., Woodbridge, United States
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Phone: 571-285-3277

I purchased a vehicle from Koons Automotive. The vehicle was paid in full by cashier’s check from my credit union. The dealership is refusing to release the title to me or my bank. Instead they are requesting a document that my credit union is unable to provide. This was NOT the original agreement we had when the paper work was signed and I walked out the door. The dealership failed to advise me they needed further action. After two weeks I had to contact them and I was notified at that time. Another week passed and I still had no answers and no effort was being made by Koons to resolve the situation or accommodate me for the inconvenience. My 30 day tags are going to expire and I'm left with a vehicle that has been paid for, and no title. I as well as my loan officer from my bank have spoken with several different people at this dealership, Jamil, John, and others who I do not remember their names. I as well as my loan officer have left messages for the general manager Lyndon Grant. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau 02-14-15 and the complaint was sent to the business 02-18-15. I got a call from the owner that day (the 18th) on how we could resolve the issue. I think it is terrible business and customer service that it took this much time, effort, and stress to get this resolved. As a business they should have made this as easy and effortless as possible for a customer. The information I received from the owner was different from what I received by everyone else, she was actually able to give me reason behind what was happening, but at the same time I cannot believe they would let this go on as long as it did without once contacting me. The owner Katrina was very rude, hostile, and made it seem as if none of this was the dealerships fault. I eventually spoke with the titling manager Stephanie and was able to resolve the issue, and she offered to overnight my license plates to me. The way that this company handled business made me very weary to even provide payment information to them over the phone, and trust that they are handling everything correctly with DMV. I am disgusted with the service I received and on top of everything the car has problems that were not disclosed and the information provided about the vehicle, in my nicest words, was BS!

Feb 18, 2015

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