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this fraud of a company charged me 22.95 on phone bill.thru multiple phone calls to at&t and kool telecom, found this is for a voicemail service thru internet. HUH? they said i signed up thru e-mail acct. found out this is happening to a boatload of people across the blames fcc:that's told me fcc makes them give open access to people to contact us on-line. so what? greentree data is another of the same thing. both r based in london, england. at&t said only those independent companies can credit me.but it's on my at&t bill.they are obviously all in bed together. good luck on getting anywhere with kool telecom or at&t. just look at your phone bill. don't assume charges are correct. this goes back couple months.didn't look close enough at bill. if u do catch it right away, they will still tell u to wait 30-60 days for kool telecom and greentree data to credit u. big bunch of (insert ur choice of names here).

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      Sep 03, 2009
    Kool Telecom - fraud charges
    United States

    Received my phone bill and had a charge of $22.95. Called my local telephone and explained to them that I did not order anything or subscribe to anything. My telephone company contacted the number on my bill [protected], and they said it was something done on the internet. I do not have a computer or the internet. This is a scam and I am not paying this bill. My telephone company has handled this for me; however, they informed me that this will probably keep happening until they get it totally resolved.

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      Sep 30, 2009
    Kool Telecom - fraud charges
    United States

    I have been getting billed for $22.95 for the past few months. When I call the phone to Kool Telecom they don't give me any straight answers. They told me they would take the bill off of my phone bill, but they have not. I try not to get too angry about it.

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