Kool Smiles / horrible experience

Waco, TX, United States

WACO, TX. It's been nothing but a fight with Kool Smiles since day 1! Took my son in July 1st to Bellmead, and everything seemed to be okay. The front desk was super nice and helped me deal with our insurance who was a pain to deal with. Well, we were told our son would have a procedure July 27th, and we would get a call to set the appointment time up, they said the lady would call 2 times and that's all so to be sure to answer or call back. A week goes by and I start calling and leaving messages to find out a time my son was going to be seen, and no one would call back. Finally, Monday the 25th(2 days before) my husband calls and talks to corporate scheduling and was told our appointment had been rescheduled for September. So, I drive to bellmead to find out what's going on and of course they were closed. I end up driving to Valleymills and the general manager was finally able to reach the lady who sets up the appointment and she calls and tells me they can get him in for 10am July 27th, which is weird because her phone magically started working in the office the day of the 27th(&when any staff members called her)and I told her I had tried calling many times and left many messages, but she claimed to have no idea what happened, "she never received my calls and voicemails"...So some "miscommunication happens" about money, and we didn't have the funds they wanted so our son wasn't seen. Thursday(28th) I get a call saying a special dentist wanted Wyatt to come in to the Valleymills location, and not to worry about money, so I take him in to be seen(not knowing what's going on), and I asked the lady upfront if she knew what was happening, and how much this appointment would cost. I then was told they weren't even sure if the dentist was coming or not, nothing had been confirmed, but we had about 10 minutes until our scheduled appointment so we waited and the dentist showed up. Went and talked about everything that happened, he told us there were things that could have happened so my son could have had the procedure on the 27th but they refused to help, he glanced QUICKLY into my sons mouth and told me he would NOT charge me for the visit or bother with my sons insurance, and he would personally call me the next day to check up on everything but he never did. (8-12-16) I get a bill for $79 for that appointment!! Are you kidding me?! My son needs a very expensive procedure, money we don't have, and y'all are going to take $79 out of our funds when I was specifically told we wouldn't get billed?! NOTHING HAPPENED! I DID NOT ASK TO GET MY SON SEEN!!! I DID NOT GET A PAPER ABOUT THE APPOINTMENT AND WAS TOLD I WAS FREE TO GO AND I DIDN'T OWE A THING!!! I am VERY upset with everything we've been through with y'all. Not to mention, the scheduler called me saying they could get my son in for Aug3rd in Killeen, I told her that wasn't a possibility and that we would keep our new scheduled appointment for Aug31st, and she tells me they were over a week of cancellation of trying to get my son an approval for more money for his procedure. How is that possible? IT WAS ONLY 2 DAYS LATER!!! They must have never even attempted to get an approval. Also, on July 27th I asked for them to print a treatment plan out for me, and they "couldn't". I was told I would have to drive back to Waco, I live about 25-30 minutes from Waco, to get the paper I wanted printed. BULL!!! All I have to say is if you can keep from coming to Kool Smiles then do it, it's in your child's best interest! I will be calling corporate about everything.
Let's just say that's a short version. I left out a lot of stuff!
I use to think very highly of this company, but how they treated my family is uncalled for. They will never have the opportunity to do it to my family EVER again! They have lost our business and our respect as human beings, not that they care! Very unprofessional!! My son might be 2, but he's in SERIOUS pain and slowly losing weight due to not being able to eat, and to turn him away is inhumane!

Aug 18, 2016

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