Kolours Health care India Pvt.ltdWorst Experience and Harmful Treatment in Kolours

This is Purnima Neelam, I was joined in Kolours in hyderabad srinagar colony, in the month of July'14, and my counselor is Mrs.Shoba Mithra, They keep on calling me and informed about special offers on kolours, so i went to kolours and met with Mrs.Shoba Mithra then she offered me with 10 sitting, 5-6kgs wait lose and 10-12 inches tummy reduce, and also Free total body anti tan treatment, one year maintenance free, then i said ok and paid total 10K amount, and informed to her at the time of joining in kolours being a working women its very difficult to attending the sittings, then she said we are working 6.00am to 8.30pm and for each sitting will take at least 2 hrs, then i said ok, please note that at the time she didn't informed to me about validity period of treatment, due to my busy schedule i was completed only 5 sitting, during last 5 th sitting Jan'15 first week i went to Kolours for my 5 th sitting then they come to me my treatment period time was expired, i was shocked one of executive told me for further sitting i have to pay additional 5K, it was irritated me then i met one of senior executive (Lady) am not remember her name, she also said same thing further treatment have to pay 5k, then i had a argument on, then she finalized and extended my treatment validity period

Jan 23, 2015

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