Kokopelli / Discount not Received & Extremely Rude Service

I spent a wonderful day yesterday (Sunday, 29 August 2010) shopping the lovely stores and boutiques on Main Street in Beautiful downtown Annapolis. We were stopping at the gorgeous stores and boutiques along Main Street, and though Kokopelli does not typically carry the kind of attire and items that I would normally choose for myself, they do often have a few quirky and interesting items to look through. However, by an (apparent, at the time) stroke of luck.. I did find a unique and fun little black dress that I thought would be perfect for an upcoming event. I tried on the dress, quite liked it, and was bringing it up for purchase at the counter when I noticed a slight tear (admittedly, very slight, but a tear none-the-less in a brand new dress.. which being chiffon-type material, would need to be quickly remedied by the buyer.. namely, myself), Still desiring the dress, and none other being available in my size, I asked the sales woman if I could receive a discount as there was damage to the dress. She (a rather disagreeable older woman) conferred briefly with whom I assumed to be the shop owner or manager (another quite disagreeable older woman), and they "stage-whispered" for several moments quite loudly about the minuteness of the damage.. quite in front of multiple other customers whom they were ignoring through these theatrics. Finally, the original woman came back to me and offered me a 10% discount, which I agreed to accept. From that point, they tag-teamed the check out procedure in an extremely rude and unprofessional manner.. slamming my debit card and receipt into my hand and my bag and items on the counter. Frankly, I was rather amused at their incredible behavior, and when a nastily choked "thank you" finally came my way (as I was exiting), I simply ignored that (admittedly, being a bit rude myself). The icing on the cake came last evening though, when I returned home to unpack my bags. Looking at the receipt, I noted that I never even received the 10% discount I was promised.. so I suppose the "mean old ladies" got the last shot on me.. So, in final note, Annapolis being further away then I will get to before my event.. certainly I will keep the dress (I wouldn't make it back before the 14 day return policy anyway!) and wear that dress with a lesson learned.. always double-check your receipt.. despite how "posh" an establishment pretends to be! As to you shoppers out there, if you a "boutique" version of dealing with some of the "customer service" characters typically encountered on Seinfeld, check out Kokopelli.. but double and triple check that receipt!


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