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Baytown, TX, United States

On 10/15/18 I wet shopping at the Baytown Texas Kohl's store I had been their days before and seen a 50% off sale on Cuddl duds fleece blanket but I ran out of tome and didn't purchase them. I came back on 10/15/18 to get them and when I went to the register I was told that it was not 50%off that this blanket was placed in the wrong spot. But I went back took a picture because there was a whole rack full of this blankets. A manager was called her name was Tiffany she went back to check and said that the 50% sign was placed I. The wrong place and that she could not not give me the discount. My complaint is that was not fault that the sign was placed in the wrong place that was Kohl's associates fault and it had been there for days. I work retail as a lead and we are told we are trained to provide excellent customer satisfaction and make our customers happy so they can come back especially if we make a mistake by misplacing signs. Your manager Tiffany didn't even come back to talk to me she just told the cashier she would not honor the 59%off. I love shopping at Kohl's been doing it for years never had a bad experience till now. I hope you will take the tome to look into this matter.

Kohl's Department Stores
Kohl's Department Stores
Kohl's Department Stores

Oct 19, 2018

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