Kohler shower doors / Extreme delay in delivery

1 East Brunswick, NJ, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 7322342000

I ordered 2 Kohler shower doors on 5/20 but instead of receiving the doors after waiting till 6/3 I went to the store to check the status and it turned out they had not even been correctly ordered for me. They got ordered on 6/3 instead of 5/20 despite paying on 5/20. I have still not received the doors and my contractor finished working on the two bathrooms except the shower doors and left. Every time I go to the store or call they have not received delivery of anything from their distribution center meaning they had no trucks coming in that day and they are helpless. They say I should have them by the 13th. On the 13th, I 'm told I should have them by the 15th and so on and so forth, I would not suggest anybody buy anything at Lowe's that's not physically present in the store because they take their customers very lightly.

Jun 13, 2015

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